Watch the Time-lapse of LEGO Rocket and Groot Statues Being Built

It took 80 builders over 300 hours to build these statues for SDCC 2014, now to be enjoyed in just over 2 minutes!



One of the harder booths to get close to at San Diego Comic-Con would be the LEGO booth, and 2014 was no different. Not only were they selling all sorts of cool LEGO sets, but they also had on display two giant statues of Rocket and Groot from Marvel's "Guardians of the Galaxy"! How awesome is that!?

In this time-lapse footage directly above, you can enjoy the process of building such large LEGO statues without having to worry about whether or not you're following the correct instructions. Sadly, statues like these don't come in a set available for purchase.

Before San Diego Comic-Con, the statues even made their way to London for the film's premiere. If Rocket and Groot couldn't physically make it, being CGI and all, their LEGO counterparts were the next best thing!

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