Ant-Man (Movie)

Get a First Look at Paul Rudd in Marvel's Ant-Man

Production on Marvel's 'Ant-Man' has begun, and we've got your first look at Paul Rudd as Scott Lang to celebrate!



Just yesterday we announced filming on Marvel's "Ant-Man" had officially commenced, and now we've got your first look at star Paul Rudd as Scott Lang directly below to celebrate!

Taken on location in San Francisco, our first official image from the film features Lang sporting a more disheveled look than fans will eventually see him take on when he suits up as Ant-Man...but as filming continues, you can expect to see a lot more in the coming months!

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Marvel's been nothing but magic so far, but I'm thinking this movie's going to be a freaking train-wreck. 


I just want to see this movie, I love Marvel films


I'll see this because I'm a fan of Evangeline Lilly and Paul Rudd, but I'm super sad/disappointed that we are not getting Hank or Janet (esp if Janet is actually fridged/dead in this movie)--FOUNDING AVENGERS.

SpatulaDP member

as this is the marvel movie-verse, and not the 616 we all know and love, things will have to be different.  there's not enough time in the movies to tell everything as it was, so, they're paving new roads.  pym always had a darker side, and i believe it's the angle they'll take.  the avengers have their brains w/stark and banner, villains are gonna need some smarts, too.  newer fans won't know much about pym's dark side, but it's a big part of the character, and he could make a great villain...especially with michael douglas playing him.  i think rudd will stand up as a good scott lang (by the way, he defeated doc doom in hand to hand combat last year, he's better than fans give him credit for)

rj155500 member

Sucks that its Lang and not Pym, but Pym is in it, and this aint the comics so . . . . . I'll pay to see it for sure.

NeonDwarf member

i know pym will be in the film but...I LIKE PYM ALOT he the original ant-man, and scott is preatty cool as well but hank pym is a really BIG part of the marvel universe but there stripping evrything away from him, when i heard that the storyline will be changed in avengers 2 for tony stark to make ultron and vision instead of pym i was devastated, this is coming from a guy whos fav marvel charter is iron man (tony stark) , but its there choice and it will add a nice rebel touch to the movie instead of a smart guy touch


Nooooooooooooo I really wanted Pym. Sadface


I'm pretty sure pym will be in it briefly, but only to hand off the batON to lang