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Iron Man Movie

Taste the Excitement of Iron Man

7-Eleven features the Golden Avenger on an armory's worth of collectibles at stores across the U.S.

"Iron Man" Movie Collectible Cups

Jonesin' for a taste of Iron Man, but don't want to get arrested for harassing Robert Downey Jr? Your local 7-Eleven may have just what you need. To celebrate the May 2 release of Paramount Pictures' "Iron Man," Marvel and 7-Eleven have teamed up to offer a bevy of Shellhead-endorsed items including lenticular Slurpee cups, straws and more at participating stores across the country. The five collectible cups each feature a different scene or character from the movie-from Iron Man outracing a squadron of F-22 Raptors to Iron Monger laying the armor-handed smack down on Iron Man.

Iron Man ready for action

And if for some reason you've always had the bizarre desire to use Iron Man's head as a goblet, the fates shine upon you this day! Snag Shellhead's helmet-shaped chalice and Fill it with cherry Slurpee and score a double brain-freeze!

Limited Edition Iron Man straws

Then to trick it out-because a regular straw just won't do-grab one of three limited edition "Iron Man" straws complete with a collectible mini-figure of Iron Man Mark I armor, Iron Man Mark III armor or Iron Monger. Where can you get your mitts on these? Find your nearest 7-Eleven store here, collect 'em all and chill out as you wait for "Iron Man" to smash into theaters on May 2! Need to catch up on your Iron Man reading? Looking for the perfect stories starring Ol' Shellhead? Check out our list of the 10 Collections marked as required reading by any Iron Man fan! For more Iron Man, check out Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited. And remember: "Iron Man" comes to a theater near you on May 2! Visit the official "Iron Man" movie site!
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