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Iron Man Movie

Domestic Bliss: Iron Man Buzz

The "Iron Man" movie has generated quite a bit of buzz in recent weeks, and with the movie opening this Friday, May 2 check out what everyone's been saying about your favorite Shellhead!
Check out what everybody's saying about "Iron Man!" Updated May 2 "Four out of five stars. A rock n' roll superhero movie that gets a rocket boost from Robert Downey Jr.'s performance as Tony Stark, a multimillionaire arms dealer who decides to fight injustice. Forget comic book tragedy; Jon Favreau's film is as tough as heavy metal, funny, and fast." Appearing in the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS "It's Iron Man to the rescue, yanking movies and the worldwide box office out of its months-long doldrums and into the stratosphere." Appearing in TIME MAGAZINE "…they have captured Tony's persona from modern Marvel books almost pitch perfectly." – Review: 'Iron Man' Appearing at FREEZEDRIEDMOVIES.COM "Iron Man's biggest strength is that the fantastically armored suit doesn't overpower the intriguingly flawed character encased within." -- 'Iron Man' flies high thanks to snarky Robert Downey Jr. Appearing at USATODAY.COM "Gadgets, humor, heart and a whip-smart leading man channel the high-tech flights of fancy into a genuinely affecting character study." -- Iron Man a New High for Robert Downey Jr. Appearing at BLOG.WIRED.COM "If not a breathtaking new spin on superhero films, Jon Favreau's "Iron Man" is still slick, solid entertainment and an enjoyable way to start off the summer movie season." -- "Iron Man" -- * * * Appearing at ROBSCHEER.BLOGSPORT.COM "Everything - and I mean everything - about this movie works. " --Massawyrm Celebrates An Anniversary With IRON MAN!! Appearing at AINTITCOOL.COM "Near perfection." -- Annette Kellerman wants an IRON MAN of her very own!!! Appearing at AINTITCOOL.COM "'Iron Man' is a hell of a time at the movies."'Iron Man' has it, even when it doesn't Appearing at INCONTENTION.COM "...delivers on all levels..." Movie Review: Iron Man Appearing at EMPIREMOVIES.COM "Finally! A summer blockbuster that lives up to the hype! IRON MAN is one heck of an entertaining film, and the best popcorn film to come out in ages." -- Review: Iron Man Appearing at JOBLO.COM "B+" -- Iron Man Appearing at EW.COM "3 ½ out of 4 Stars." -- 'Iron Man': Successful superhero flick Appearing at THESTAR.COM "As big-budget comic book adaptations go, this one's a gratifying freak—the right kind of conflicted, as well as quick-witted. It's a lot of fun." -- 'Iron Man' a lot of fun Appearing at CHICAGOTRIBUNE.COM "Kicking off the 2008 summer movie season with a Big Bang, … "Iron Man" is a better superhero movie than your average outing thanks to the deployment of a first-rate cast and to-die-for leading man." -- Metal of honor: 'Iron Man' kick-starts blockbuster season Appearing at NEWS.BOSTONHERALD.COM "'Iron Man' isn't just a good superhero movie. It's a good movie." Smart story sets 'Iron Man' apart from superhero pack Appearing at FREEP.COM "3 1/2 (out of four stars)" Fast, funny, nuanced machine dream Appearing at PHILLY.COM "…the perfect start to the summer with its shiny mix of visual effects, elaborate set pieces and humor." -- Movie review: 'Iron Man' Appearing at RECORDONLINE.COM "'Iron Man' proves its mettle with steely resolve and a lot of fun." -- Iron-clad hit Appearing at DAILYHERALD.COM "Iron Man stands out as one of the best comic book movies ever made thanks in large part to a healthy dose of humor, action, and a great performance by Robert Downey Jr."Iron Man Appearing at COMINGSOON.nET "…the movie rises and falls on the strength of Downey, and it rises pretty high." Updated 'Iron Man' makes him a superhero worth revisiting Appearing at THETOWNTALK.COM Updated April 30 "Slick, snappy, wonderfully witty..." -- Cinemascope "The true test of a superhero movie, especially a series debut, is whether it could survive without any of the action scenes, and Iron Man definitely could." -- Shared Darkness

Main Page on Yahoo Movies 4/29/08

Robert Downey Jr. Talks Being Iron Man! Appearing at CANMAG Robert Downey Jr. is ready to play the hero in 'Iron Man' Appearing at LOS ANGELES TIMES Iron Man: Comic-book character has all-too-real flaws Appearing at CLEVELAND.COM Robert Downey Jr. Says Iron Man Suit Fits Him Like Gold Titanium Gold Appearing at ALLHEADLINE NEWS.COM With `Iron Man,' Robert Downey Jr. winks at his past Appearing at CHARLOTTE.COM Robert Downey Jr. brings smarts to a strong film role, the action hero of "Iron Man" Appearing at SACBEE.COM RT Interview: Jon Favreau on Iron Man, Effective CGI and the New Marvel Movies Appearing at ROTTENTOMATOES.COM Favreau: Iron's Downey Is Perfect Appearing at SCIFI.COM Iron's Favreau Looks To Sequel Appearing at SCIFI.COM Jon Favreau rose from obscurity to direct 'Iron Man' Appearing at KANSASCITY.COM Low-key 'Iron Man' star Jeff Bridges sees the big picture Appearing at USATODAY.COM Sunday Bonus: Jeff Bridges Talks About "Iron Man" Appearing at THE OREGONIAN Jeff Bridges goes bald for role in 'Iron Man' Appearing at PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE Iron Man to Fight His Best Friend? Appearing at JAVO.COM Howard talks Iron Man sequels Appearing at MOVIEHOLE.NET Terrence Howard On Whether He'll Be War Machine Appearing at CINEMABLEND.NET Terrence Howard on the Future of War Machine Appearing at COMINGSOON.NET Officially Cool: Iron Man Movie Artfx Statue Appearing at FILM SCHOOL REJECTS Iron Man Preview Appearing at REELZ CHANNEL VIDEO: Tons of Behind the Scenes Footage from IRON MAN! Appearing at IESB Watch 4 Behind-the-Scenes Iron Man Videos Appearing at MOVIEWEB 'Iron Man' is Days Away... Here's SIX Clips Appearing at ROPEOFSILICON.COM At Variety.com, deputy editor Anne Thompson's latest blog entry lists the top reasons why "Iron Man" will be HUGE, calling the Armored Avenger "the robust male action fantasy hero that we've been waiting for." At Variety.com

RDJ on the cover of GQ

"This is the one superhero role Downey was born for." – GQ "Robert Downey Jr. as an armored super hero plus Black Sabbath's 'Iron Man' on the soundtrack more than likely equals genius." -- Blender "Iron Man is a shapely piece of mythmaking." – New York Magazine "Snapping off lines as crisply as Bugs Bunny might bite into a carrot, the sculpture-bearded Downey invigorates the entire proceedings in a way no other actor ever has in this field." – Variety "…the whole package is distinctly its own, a tale originated in the '60s cleverly and logically transposed into today's world." – Hollywood Reporter 3 ½ STARS (out of 4) "Iron Man kicks off summer on a blazing high note and practically dares the competition to measure up. It's been years since a movie superhero was this fierce and this funny." – Rolling Stone

Gwyneth Paltrow on the cover of Vogue

"…when Jon called me about Iron Man, I thought, This is the kind of cast I dream of working with, and I could go back to work and not work five days a week. It was the perfect, perfect, perfect job for me." Gwyneth Paltrow talks about "Iron Man," her life, and more at Vogue.com, with an exclusive "Iron Man" themed photo gallery. "Downey plays off his own bad-boy image wonderfully. The writers give him great lines to work with and ditto that for his Girl Friday, Gwyneth Paltrow's Pepper Potts, whose own svelte lines cannot be improved on." – Hollywood Reporter 3 ½ STARS (out of 4) "…Iron Man has pretty much everything you could want in a summer blockbuster: awesome special effects, jaw-dropping action scenes, plus a sense of humor and compelling story that make this much more than eye candy." -- Life and Style

Terrence Howard on the cover of Giant

Giant magazine catches up with Terrence Howard. "...thus far most of what we've seen of "Iron Man" has gotten we, the die-hards, pretty pumped." -- MTV Movies Blog "I love how Iron Man enthusiasm is transcending all demographics." -- USA Today Blog

RDJ as Tony Stark on the cover of Empire

"…the role of Stark fits Downey Jr like a titanium-alloy, servo-assisted glove, the back-from-the-brink actor veering nimbly between the swaggering and sensitive sides of his character, never mistiming a wisecrack." -- Empire "...the film is very well done, it is very entertaining and with a very good story, and it is well supported with excellent special effects." -- IESB.net "...Robert Downey Jr.'s hard rockin' Iron Man looks like it might be a special effects, comics showcase with brains, for a change." -- Box Office Mojo

RDJ on the cover of Parade

Parade magazine chats it up with leading man Robert Downey, Jr. "I really believe that we have the makings of a new, hot superhero franchise." -- Screen Rant "...when it's all said and done, Iron Man will go down as this summer's best blockbuster." -- Cinematical.com
Need to catch up on your Iron Man reading? Looking for the perfect stories starring Ol' Shellhead? Check out our list of the 10 Collections marked as required reading by any Iron Man fan! See "Iron Man" now at a theater near you! Visit the official "Iron Man" movie site! Also, get INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #1 at comic retailers everywhere, Wed., May 7!



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