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Iron Man Movie

Iron Man blasts into Macy's

The world-famous midtown Manhattan department store's 7th Ave window display sports a bevy of Iron Man movie props

By Frank DeAngelo IV As New York gears up for Iron Man's big screen debut, midtown Manhattan has turned into a veritable shrine of red and gold glory. The newest addition to this landscape of Shellhead celebration: Macy's Department Store. Featuring not only a chance to get an up-close look at the Mark I armor from Paramount Pictures "Iron Man" hitting theaters on May 2, Macy's has assembled an armory's worth of memorabilia from the film for public display. From Stark International business cards and prototype flight boots to a battle damaged repulsor gauntlet and the device that keeps Tony Stark's heart beating, all these awesome movie props and more grace 5 (count'em: 5) Macy's 7th Ave window displays. So for now through May 6th, head down to Macy's to get a first hand look at the smallest details and impressive designs of "Iron Man."
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