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Need your fix of "The Incredible Hulk" movie updates with new photos and videos? Come back every day until the film's June 13 release as we'll have something new for you each tick of the calendar! Scroll down for the June 12 update! June 2 Update: Two photos and a clip!

"Incredible Hulk"
director Louis
Leterrier and actor
Edward Norton
on set

Betty Ross tries
to calm
the Hulk down

"Incredible Hulk" Clip #1: Betty Ross (Liv Tyler) and Bruce Banner (Edward Norton) share an emotional, rain-soaked reunion.
June 3 Update: A new clip! "Incredible Hulk" Clip #2: General Ross (William Hurt) and Emil Blonsky (Tim Roth) make the mistake of unleashing Hulk's unbridled fury!
June 4 Update: A new photo!

Some thugs make
the mistake of
angering Bruce

June 5 Update: A new clip! "Incredible Hulk" Clip #3: Emil Blonsky (Tim Roth) leads the charge against Hulk, engaging in a brutal battle with the Jade Giant!
June 6 Update: A new photo!

Bruce Banner and
Betty Ross make a
startling discovery in
a scientist's lab

June 9 Update: A new clip! "Incredible Hulk" Clip #4: Hulk protects Betty Ross (Liv Tyler) as General Ross (William Hurt) and Emil Blonsky (Tim Roth) press their attack!
June 10 Update: A new photo!

Betty Ross

June 11 Update: A new clip! "Incredible Hulk" Clip #5: Betty Ross (Liv Tyler) pleads with Bruce Banner (Edward Norton) not to face the Abomination. Thankfully, she fails!
June 12 Update: A new photo!

Emil Blonsky and
General Ross
make plans

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