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Hulk Month

Big Time Buzz: The Incredible Hulk Press

News clips and international release dates

"The Incredible Hulk" has generated quite a bit of buzz in recent weeks, and with the movie opening this June 13th check out what everyone's been saying about your favorite Green Goliath!
Check out what everybody's saying about "The Incredible Hulk!" Updated June 13 "The Incredible Hulk smashes Harry's brain into undulating geek neurons firing on the possibilities ahead of us!"-Harry's Reviews Appearing at AINTITCOOLNEWS.com "The Incredible Hulk is unquestionably one of the more compelling screen adaptations from the comic book realm. It taps into the humanity of characters that made the Marvel sensibility of the 1960s so much apart of the zeitgeist."-The Incredible Hulk Appearing at MOVIECITYNEWS.com "[3 stars] The Incredible Hulk provides Marvel with its second superhero hit of the summer. For comic book fans, Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk represent a solid one-two punch."-The Incredible Hulk Appearing at REELVIEWS.com "This new production, starring Edward Norton as Bruce Banner, looks a lot better -- sometimes it looks great -- and it's a thunderously efficient enterprise, with a nice surprise at the very end."-Film Review Appearing at (Wall Street Journal) WSJ.com "...Follows Iron Man as this year's second great comic book movie."-The Incredible Hulk Appearing at STAR-DEMOCRAT (Easton, Md.) "Everything you want in a Hulk film; nothing you don't."-The Incredible Hulk Review Appearing at IGN.com "Cleverly re-imagined as a film noir, it is a dark and shadowy piece full of monsters, only some of them green"-The Incredible Hulk Appearing at KILLERMOVIEREVIEWS.com "There's enough adrenaline pulsating throughout this bang-up Marvel Comics adaptation to erase 2003's Hulk from memory"-The Incredible Hulk Appearing at CHICAGOREADER.com "A classic comic-book hero quest that, while not entirely novel, hews to its own rules and conventions with dignity and artfulness."-The Incredible Hulk Appearing at WASHINGTONPOST.com "It's loud and in-your-face, and it does maintain the same "we know this is crazy; just go with it" tone that made Iron Man so much fun."-The Incredible Hulk Appearing at FROMTHEBALCONY.com "[4 stars] Big, loud, messy and most of all fun, The Incredible Hulk offers more evidence that, when done right, the comic-book hero story can indeed be, well, super."-The Incredible Hulk Appearing at ARIZONAREPUBLIC.com "Hulk smash? Let's put it like this: He uses police cars as boxing gloves. Yeah. Hulk smash."-The Incredible Hulk Appearing at EONLINE.com "[B+] A potent mix of testosterone and adrenalin and action fans of all ages should be happy to hand over their green."-The Incredible Hulk Appearing at PHILLY.com "Two for two! Marvel are making comic book flicks smarter by tying multiple franchises into each other and by just giving the people what they want, several elongated action sequences!"-2008's Summer of Superheroes: One Writer's Early Take Appearing at MTV.com "[Tim Roth] could give bad-guy clinics, but he mines new veins of skill in 'Hulk,'"-Tim Roth gives clinics on how to be the villain Appearing at LATIMES.com "It turns out Marvel Studios knows how to make solid movies out of Marvel Comics. The production arm of Marvel Entertainment is 2-for-2 in 2008, hitting home runs with 'Iron Man' and now 'The Incredible Hulk.'"-Film Review: The Incredible Hulk Appearing at THEHOLLYWOODREPORTER.COM "What seemed, in theory, the least-necessary revival of a bigscreen superhero emerges as perfectly solid summer action fare in "The Incredible Hulk."-The Incredible Hulk Appearing at VARIETY.COM "On June 13, The Incredible Hulk smashes its way into theaters. WWE has played host to some of the biggest, baddest behemoths - "hulks" of a different kind from the Immortal One himself - to ever enter the ring. Who do you think is the most incredible of these monsters?"-Sports Entertainment's Most Incredible Hulks Appearing at WWE.COM "The acting in "The Incredible Hulk" is spot-on, the action sequences are armchair-gripping and the effects are state-of-the-art."-Do not fear The Hulk Appearing at OCREGISTER.COM "The reality is that Norton and Roth both play the hell out of the movie and have you invested in their characters so when they're CG creatures you still picture Norton and Roth and carry that baggage with you." ."-Quint arm wrestles with THE INCREDIBLE HULK... guess who wins... Appearing at AINTITCOOL.COM "Morphing into the hideous Abomination, the overly ambitious Blonsky faces off against The Hulk in a Harlem showdown, tearing up the hood in a masterfully choreographed awesome showdown."-The Incredible Hulk Movie Review Appearing at NEWSBLAZE.COM "The ending battle between The Hulk and Abomination is one of the most spectacular and exciting things I've ever seen on screen. If the downtown Los Angeles robot battles of Transformers impressed you, this puts those to shame."- A Big Green Blast Apearing at REELZCHANNEL.COM Much like with previous superhero movies (at least the better ones) what works in "The Incredible Hulk" can often be attributed to the exemplary casting of Edward Norton as Banner..."-The Incredible Hulk Appearing at COMINGSOON.NET "In fact, unlike the much-hyped "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull," "The Incredible Hulk" never runs out of steam."-The Incredible Hulk Appearing at SCIFIMOVIEPAGE.COM "It's a visual feast for the eyes and an absolute smashing good time from start to end."-Clint's Review' The Incredible Hulk Appearing at MOVIEHOLE.NET "With The Incredible Hulk, Leterrier has created a movie on a par with Jon Favreau's Iron Man, one that's only comparable to the last Hulk movie in that the two are nothing alike. Leterrier's movie is not only action-packed, with Hulk fighting Brazilian street thugs, Humvees, a super-powered Tim Roth and the Abomination, it's also funny and emotional, thanks to an amazing group of actors, as opposed to Lee's mismatched cast of quirky oddballs."-Hulk: Incredible. 'Nuff Said! Appearing at TELEVISIONWITHOUTPITY.com "Back in the 'Silver Age' of comics, the Hulk broke the superhero mold: Instead of a perfectly proportioned, costume-clad and idealistic hero, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's brutish creation raged against a world that saw him as a monster. It's an image that still resonates for Leterrier."-'Hulk's'rage in the machine Appearing at NYDAILYNEWS.com "A 'Hulk' with More Smash in His Tank"-Talking with filmmaker Louis Leterrier Appearing at (LOS ANGELES) DAILYNEWS.com "Still Going Strong"-Hulk's staying power in pop culture Appearing at NEWSDAY.com "A Hulk-size Q & A with the filmmakers"-A Visit to the Edit Bay of The Incredible Hulk: Part Two Appearing at REELZCHANNEL.com "Very positive Hulk reviews start pouring in"-"Hulk" Video Game: Behind-the-Scenes Appearing at CINEMATICAL.com "Second film in 5 years boasts better special effects and a smashing foe"-Re-Hulked Appearing at USATODAY.com "The Incredible Hulk stars lending their voices to the making of the upcoming "Hulk" video game"-"Hulk" Video Game: Behind-the-Scenes Appearing at EW.com "It has to be said that this jolly green giant looks pretty darn good...Looks set to be a monster of a movie."-Film of the week: The Incredible Hulk; New Hulk's a ripping yarn Appearing in Sunday Mirror (UK), June 8 "So has it been worth resurrecting the world's fourth most popular superhero for another go? Indeed it has."-BEHOLD the hideous monster... Appearing at [NEWS OF THE WORLD (UK)] NOTW.co.uk "...Celluloid Heroes: The summer's buzziest guy flicks"-Top Five Featured Summer Films Appearing at HOUSTON CHRONICLE (DAILY) "...today we have another TV spot, with several new scenes and a touch of that Marvel humor."-Great "Incredible Hulk" TV Spot Appearing at WORSTPREVIEWS.COM "...this preview...suggests "Hulk" will rise above...and become one of the summer's big surprises."-Sneak Peek Appearing at MSN.COM "Who better to play such a multi-faceted Hulk than the versatile Norton, an actor who lives to play complex characters?"-Ask 'Incredible Hulk' Stars and Director a Question Appearing at CINEMATICAL.COM "I'm impressed by the realism of the interaction between Hulk and...physical objects, and the actual human stuntwork has looked excellent."-Yet more Hulkness! Appearing at JOBLO.COM "Lots of special effects, lots of badass fight scenes -- guns, bullets, monsters and lovely women: How is that NOT a recipe for success?"-Fantastic New Clip from 'The Incredible Hulk'! Appearing at CINEMATICAL.COM "...Norton may be an inspired choice to play brainy scientist Bruce Banner, grappling with inner and outer conflict ... and we can't wait to see his take on the line "HULK SMASH!""- 38 Reasons Why We're Psyched About Summer Appearing at AOL.COM "[Tim] Roth has resided brilliantly in the realm of indie cinema, but now the Oscar nominee is hitting the mainstream in "The Incredible Hulk" (June 13) as the green guy's nemesis, Emil Blonsky/the Abomination."- A summer of great supporting players Appearing at USAWEEKEND.COM "...this reporter...nearly "hulked" out in the theater due to an over-excited heart rate."-Bringing The Incredible Hulk to Life: Part One Appearing at IGN.COM "...I can say with all confidence that this looks like another example of Marvel done right."-AICN EXCLUSIVE! Moriarty Visits The Editing Room For THE INCREDIBLE HULK! Appearing at AINTITCOOL.COM "I love it. More, please!"-THE INTERNET IS HULKING OUT! Appearing at CHUD.COM "This clip is simply kick ass..."-New Hulk Street Fight Clip Appearing at MOVIESONLINE.CA "...the (new) Incredible Hulk score promises to be fantastic!"-Edit Bay Visit Part 2: The Incredible Music of The Incredible Hulk Appearing at IESB.NET "I was mostly blown away by what I saw."-HULK EDIT! Appearing at CHUD.COM "...if the filmmakers' promised mash-up of the tortured, on-the-run, Jekyl-and-Hyde hero of the '70s TV series and the balls-out gamma-powered beat-downs of the comic book incarnations...is as effective as it is intriguing, there's every reason to believe ol' Jade Jaw may be reeling in giant fistfuls of green at the Cineplex."- The Incredible Hulk: A Smashing Sampling of Scenes Appearing at COMINGSOON.NET "It is as if Marvel has found their niche making intelligent, well developed superhero movies."-Ten New Incredible Hulk Pics Stare Us Down Appearing at FILMSCHOOLREJECTS.COM "...this version of Hulk will definitely kick a bunch of ass."-New 'Incredible Hulk' Images (Plus a Peek at Captain America)! Appearing at CINEMATICAL.COM "Edward Norton, whose struggles to deal with rage made him famous in Fight Club and American History X, is the perfect choice to play an ordinary guy with an all-consuming alter ego."-Edward Norton goes green as the most beloved rage-aholic in comic books Appearing at YAHOO.COM "It is hard to tell who is more badass in the new trailer for The Incredible Hulk. We have The Hulk for one, but then we also have Tim Roth."-New The Incredible Hulk Trailer! Appearing at CANMAG.COM "...the footage we saw proved this flick is going in an entirely different direction -- a run, fight, kick ass sorta direction."-NYCC: 'The Incredible Hulk' Appearing at CINEMATICAL.COM "...comic-book characters, Ed Norton and Liv Tyler all demand attention."-New Hulk trailer! Appearing at JOBLO.COM "...it's more than a little entertaining."-New Incredible Hulk trailer Appearing at MOVIEMAKINGMADNESS.COM ""[The incredible] Hulk" is a Marvel monster movie set amid a realistic backdrop"-Superheroes seek box office invincibility Appearing at REUTERS.COM "The big green guy looks great, sounds great and is definitely BAD ASS!"-Edit Bay Visit Preview: The New and Improved INCREDIBLE HULK! Appearing at IESB.net "The Incredible Hulk" International Release Dates
Australia 12 June 2008
Chile 12 June 2008
Greece 12 June 2008
Hong Kong12 June 2008
Hungary 12 June 2008
Israel 12 June 2008
Korea 12 June 2008
Lebanon 12 June 2008
Malaysia 12 June 2008
Portugal 12 June 2008
Russia 12 June 2008
Slovenia 12 June 2008
Singapore 12 June 2008
Thailand 12 June 2008
Brazil 13 June 2008
Cyprus 13 June 2008
Finland 13 June 2008
Latvia 13 June 2008
Lithuania 13 June 2008
Mexico 13 June 2008
Norway 13 June 2008
Panama 13 June 2008
Poland 13 June 2008
Romania 13 June 2008
South Africa 13 June 2008
Sweden 13 June 2008
Turkey 13 June 2008
United Kingdom 13 June 2008
United States 13 June 2008
Venezuela 13 June 2008
India 13 June 2008
Taiwan 14 June 2008
Serbia and Montenegro 15 June 2008
Egypt 18 June 2008
Indonesia18 June 2008
Italy18 June 2008
Argentina 19 June 2008
Gulf19 June 2008
Netherlands19 June 2008
Colombia20 June 2008
Spain20 June 2008
Denmark27 June 2008
Switzerland 02 July 2008
Germany 10 July 2008
Belgium 16 July 2008
France 23 July 2008
Japan 01 August 2008
Czech/Slovakia 14 August 2008
China 26 September 2008
Austria TBD
New Zealand TBD
Peru TBD
Phillipines TBD
Need to catch up on your Hulk reading? Looking for the perfect stories starring the Jade Giant? Check out our list of the 10 Collections marked as required reading by any Hulk fan! Read classic Hulk stories in Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited! Take pictures with a life-size Hulk statue at select theaters nationwide! Visit the official "The Incredible Hulk" movie site! Go see "The Incredible Hulk" at a theater near you now!



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