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Incredible Hulk DVD

Own a Piece of the Hulk

Marvel auctions off killer costumes and more from The Incredible Hulk

"The Incredible Hulk" is smashing box offices the world over and now you can get in on ground zero by owning costumes worn by stars Edward Norton, Liv Tyler and Tim Roth in the big screen blockbuster as well as much more! Marvel has opened several auctions on eBay! These authentic wardrobe pieces come as one full screen-worn set directly from the Marvel Studios Archives. Each outfit comes with an official certificate of authenticity (pictured below) signed and dated by Kevin Feige, President of Marvel Studios and Producer of The Incredible Hulk film. As an added bonus, also included on the certificate, is an actual autograph of the co-creator of The Incredible Hulk, Stan Lee! Keep reading for details on what's up for grabs and where you need to go in order to get it and check out the gallery at the bottom for a close up look at our current and past items... Note: not all auctions are live yet, keep checking back
BRUCE BANNER METRONOME While on the run, Bruce Banner struggles to control the monster within. Take home this metronome and you can meditate like Banner, hopefully with better results. Bid Now! BRUCE BANNER PORTUGUESE/ENGLISH DICTIONARY Hiding out in Brazil, Bruce Banner needed to blend in, including picking up the local language. With this Portuguese/English Dictionary you too can tell people that they wouldn't like you when you're...hungry. Bid now! (Ends 12/9) BRUCE BANNER READING GLASSES On the run from the military in the beginning of "The Incredible Hulk" Bruce Banner's disguise makes him fairly unrecognizable. He looks like himself again when he wears these reading glasses. Bid on these glasses for the chance to see the world through the eyes of a super hero. Bid Now! (Ends 12/9) BRUCE BANNER CIGAR BOX AND TEST TUBE BOX While dodging General Thunderbolt Ross, Bruce Banner moves around a lot. Banner needs to keep his scientific equipment both safe and secret, so this Cigar box works perfectly to hold his test tubes. Get your hands on this unique piece of Hulk history and feel like you're in the movie. Bid Now! (Ends 12/9) BRUCE BANNER BIOETHICS & TECHNOLOGY NEWSPAPER FEATURING LIV TYLER AS BETTY ROSS In "The Incredible Hulk," this newspaper clipping, featuring a photo of Betty Ross, reminds Bruce Banner of everything the Hulk has taken away from him. Bid Now! (Ends 12/9) BRUCE BANNER USB MEMORY CHIP Containing all of Burce Banner and Betty Ross's scientific data about the Hulk, this memory chip could lead to a cure for Bruce. Relive the excitement of the Hulk when you bid on this pivotal prop! Bid Now! (Ends 12/9) BRUCE BANNER BRAZIL ESCAPE ROPE Staying ahead of the miliarty requires a lot of planning. While hiding in Brazil, Bruce Banner prepared for a quick exit with this escape rope. Experience the excitement firsthand when you own this piece of movie history. Bid Now! (Ends 12/9) Bid Now! (Ends 12/10) BRUCE BANNER CENTRIFUGE AND RECORD PLAYER A genius like Bruce Banner doesn't need fancy lab equipment; he can build his own. Take home this centrifuge and record player to see Banner's resourcefulness for yourself. Bid Now! (Ends 12/9) BRUCE BANNER TRAVEL BAG For Bruce Banner to escape capture he needs to stay on the move. Banner uses this handy bag to keep his things ready to go at a moment's notice. Bid Now! (Ends 12/10) BRUCE BANNER AMBULANCE BLANKET AND ICE PACK When you take down the Hulk, someone is bound to get hurt. In "The Incredible Hulk" Bruce Banner ends up with the short end of the stick. Relive the touching moment between Bruce and Betty with the ambulance blanket and ice pack. Bid Now! (Ends 12/10) BRUCE BANNER POLAR HEART RATE MONITOR - MOTEL SCENE In "The Incredible Hulk" Bruce Banner tries to keep his heart rate down, but there's something about Betty Ross that starts his heart racing. Of course, in his case that's not a good thing. Take home this heart rate monitor watch and feel your heart race. Bid now! (Ends 12/10) BRUCE BANNER - VAUDE MOUNTAIN SPORTS BACKPACK When running through South America Bruce Banner's backpack full of technological gadgets was as important as staying ahead of Thunderbolt Ross. With this backpack, seen in the iconic rooftop chase sequence, you can bring "The Incredible Hulk" home with you. Bid Now! (Ends 12/10)

HUMVEE WITH SONIC CANNON This powerful weapon plays a pivotal role in "The Incredible Hulk," but to find out exactly what that is, you gotta see the movie. However, you can also snag it for yourself and keep your neighbors up all hours! Coming soon
Past Auctions

BETTY ROSS GUCCI WRAP DRESS She may be the love of the rampaging Hulk, but that doesn't mean she doesn't have style. Walking around in this amazing Gucci Wrap Dress, Betty Ross is the belle of the ball! And now, you can be too! Auction Ended!

STANLEY'S PIZZA DELIVERY JACKET AND GREY HOODED SWEATSHIRT SET On the run from the authorities Bruce Banner takes up sanctuary at his old stomping grounds, Stanley's Pizza Parlor. Masquerading as a pizza delivery guy, Banner infiltrates a university to do a little recon on his transformation. Take home the ultimate disguise by bidding on Stanley's Pizza Delivery Jacket and Grey Hooded Sweatshirt. Auction ended!

BRUCE BANNER'S VAUDE MOUNTAIN SPORTS BACKPACK When you're on the run from General Ross, you need something to carry your Betty Ross picture and your vile of gamma-irradiated blood. So the next time you go on a cross-country Hulk-out, make sure to pick up Bruce Banner's Vaude Mountain Sports Backpack. Auction ended, thanks for bidding!

BETTY ROSS KEDS TENNIS SHOES Traveling with the Hulk into exotic jungle locations and running from the army doesn't exactly do wonders for a woman's feet. That's why Betty Ross wears nothing but the finest Keds tennis shoes. Bid on these shoes for a chance to walk around like a true super heroine. Auction ended, thanks for bidding!

STANLEY'S PIZZA PARLOR PIZZA BOX All that smashing sure does make Hulk hungry! Good thing Bruce Banner is friends with Stanley of Stanley's Pizza Parlor! Now you too can eat like Hulk with this Stanley's Pizza Parlor pizza box! Auction ended!

CREAM-COLORED BLOUSE & NAVY SKIRT It's not hard to see why Bruce Banner falls for Betty Ross, given how good she looks in numbers like this. As a bonus, the skirt comes courtesy of L.A.M.B., the clothing line run by music superstar Gwen Stefani. Auction ended!

BETTY ROSS - GREY TRUSPEC ARMY JACKET With "The Incredible Hulk" coming to a climatic end, Betty Ross (Liv Tyler) watches the Hulk and the Abomination duke it out. Now you can relive the action in style with this Grey Truspec Army Jacket. Auction ended!

HUMVEE General Ross (William Hurt) and his troops use these sweet Humvees to pursue the Hulk over all manners of terrain. Now you can chase down your friends and foes or just go for an off road adventure! Auction ended!

BETTY ROSS - GRYPHON FALL CLASSIC LADIES TRENCH COAT Even the love of Bruce Banner's life needs some protection from the elements...This classic ladies trench was worn by Betty Ross during several key moments of "The Incredible Hulk." Now it can be yours! Auction ended!

BETTY ROSS - BATTLE AND FIRE DAMAGED TRENCH. Even while being whisked away by the Hulk after a devastating battle on a college campus, Betty Ross still manages to be stylish. Battle worn, you too can relive this breathtaking rescue by bidding on Betty Ross' trench! Auction ended! Bid Now!

DR. STERNS' MEDICAL EXAMINATION TABLE In an attempt to rid himself of the Hulk for good, Bruce Banner's journey for a cure leads him to Dr. Sterns office. Experience the fateful movie moment with Dr. Samuel Sterns' Medical Examination Table! Auction ended!

DR. BRUCE BANNER BLUE WORK JUMPSUIT Banner the bottler! While wearing this blue jumpsuit, Bruce Banner (Edward Norton) impresses his superiors at the soda bottling plant he's working at in the beginning of "The Incredible Hulk." Wear what the Hulk wears with this unique piece of movie history! Auction ended, thanks for bidding!

BIO LAB MICROSCOPE Hiding out in Brazil when "The Incredible Hulk" begins, Banner searches desperately for a cure with whatever equipment he can get his hands on, including this Bio Lab microscope. Get your hands on this unique piece of Hulk history and feel like part of the adventure! Auction ended, thanks for bidding!!

GREY LONG-SLEEVE SHIRT & BLACK ATHLETIC PANTS Accompanied by his true love, Betty Ross, Banner searches for a cure to his curse and clues to a possible greater purpose in this outfit-perfect for anybody on the go and looking for answers. Auction ended, thanks for bidding!

LEVI'S JEAN JACKET The Hulk may be impervious to the effects of the weather, but Bruce Banner needs to shield himself from the cold, and does so in this sleek number from Levi's, reminiscent of the same jacket worn in the classic "Incredible Hulk" TV series. Hey, just because you spend half your time as a green monster doesn't mean you can't look good! Auction ended, thanks for bidding!

BLACK JACKET & CARGO PANTS Emil Blonsky (Tim Roth), the archenemy of Bruce Banner in "The Incredible Hulk," strikes a menacing figure as his inner darkness is reflected in this ominous ensemble that can be yours to own! Auction ended, thanks for bidding!

JEANS & NAVY SHORT-SLEEVE SHIRT With the action of "The Incredible Hulk" drawing to a climax, Betty Ross dons this jeans and shirt combo as she prepares to watch the ultimate fate of the man she loves and the monster he has become! Auction ended, thanks for bidding!

GREY HOODED SWEATSHIRT & LEVI'S JEANS Worn by Bruce Banner while on the run from General Ross and the U.S. Army, this seemingly ordinary ensemble provides the Hulk's alter ego with the indispensable protection of anonymity. Auction ended, thanks for bidding! MORE MIGHTY MARVEL MERCHANDISE!

From the fabled Marvel Mania Restaurant, which closed its doors in 1999, comes this impressive glass display case, the perfect home for all your Marvel goodies. Featuring classic Marvel art around the base, this item will make you the envy of True Believers everywhere! Auction ended! Get "The Incredible Hulk" DVD and Blu-ray now in a three-disc special edition, a single-disc edition or an two-disc Blu-ray edition. And be sure to head over to the official "Incredible Hulk" movie site. Want to catch up on your Hulk reading? Check out this list of essential comic collections. And don't forget to head over to Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited for all the Jade Giant stories you can handle! Check out the Marvel Shop for everything Hulk!

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