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Incredible Hulk Movie

Usher Goes Green

The performer buys an Incredible Hulk statue!

By Nick Mercurio

Usher's Latest Album

World renowned entertainer Usher recently made Marvel headlines with his purchase of an Incredible Hulk statue, one of many currently seen adorning theaters across the country. The Jade Giant will serve as a present for the performer's younger brother James "JLack" Lackey. The statue, one of 200 used to promote 'The Incredible Hulk' film, comes with a certificate of authenticity carrying the signature of Marvel Studios President and producer of the film Kevin Feige. Also included on the certificate is the signature of the one-and-only Stan Lee. Usher, who is best known for his music albums, numerous film and television roles and for his time on Broadway, is a strong believer in the principal "to whom much is given, much is expected." It is this sentiment that serves as the motivation behind the entertainer's not-for-profit organization, the New Look Foundation. A familiar line to any Mighty Marvelite, Usher's guiding principle very closely resembles Uncle Ben's classic mantra that "with great power comes great responsibility." If Usher's recent purchase has you green with envy, you can head here to purchase your very own life-size Green Goliath. But if the 8'6" statue is a little too big for your living room, fear not! There's plenty more 'The Incredible Hulk' memorabilia to be had right here.
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