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Ghost Rider Movie

Ghost Rider in Theaters now!

Check out behind-the-scenes videos, images and more here!

With the Ghost Rider movie now firing up theaters across the country, now's the perfect time to get your fill of behind-the-scenes videos, loads of photos and more. Check out what's available on Marvel.com: Watch the official trailer below and check out five Ghost Rider TV promos! Or check them out one by one! Trailer | TV spot 1 | TV spot 2 | TV spot 3 | TV spot 4 | TV spot 5 The Ghost Rider Video Blog is your place to see behind-the-scenes videos, often hosted by director Mark Steven Johnson. See how they created the special effects behind Ghost Rider's flames, learn about the Hellcycle, see what other fans have to say and more! Check out 40 Ghost Rider images--both from the movie and candid behind-the-scenes shots--in our Ghost Rider movie image gallery! Think that once the movie ends, the Ghost Rider experience is over? No way! Written by comic scribes Garth Ennis and Jimmy Palmiotti, the official Ghost Rider game for PS2, PSP and GBA picks up right where the movie leaves off. Check out the game details here, read our hands-on impressions, view the trailer, see loads of screenshots and designs and buy the game! And if you want to get back to the heart of the Ghost Rider, look no further than the comics! Read Ghost Rider #1 for free! Fresh from the Marvel Universe, check out the bios for Ghost Rider, Mephisto and Blackheart, and see all those who've gone by the name Ghost Rider. And subscribe to the current Ghost Rider series here! %%%video%%%

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