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Iron Man DVD

Iron Man DVD In Stores Now

Get the lowdown on all the special features on the ''Iron Man'' DVD

Two-Disc Special Edition

"Iron Man" is now available on DVD and Blu-ray in three armor rattling, feature packed DVD sets sure to please the most ardent of "Iron Man" fans. All editions of "Iron Man" feature the full theatrical release of the movie in Dolby Digital Surround Sound in English, French, and Spanish with full subtitles. They also offer a compliment of deleted and extended scenes that didn't quite make the final cut. Some of those scenes include: Convoy Ambush, Craps Table with Tony & Rhodey, Tony & Rhodey on Stark Jet and Military Ceremony, Rhodey and General Gabriel, Tony Comes Home, Tony Begins Mark II, Dubai Party, Pepper Discovers Tony as Iron Man, Obadiah Addresses Scientists, Rhodey Saves Iron Man on Freeway, and Rooftop Battle.

Single-Disc Special Edition

The "Iron Man" DVD will feature trailers for other Iron Man fun, too! Those trailers include: "Iron Man: Armored Adventures," Theatrical #1 - "Teaser", Theatrical Trailer #2, International Trailer B, International Trailer C. That's where the one disc edition of the DVD ends, but the two-disc "Special Edition" of "Iron Man" and the Blu-ray "Ultimate Edition" include so much more! Both editions have three featurettes, "I am Iron Man," "The Invincible Iron Man," and "Wired: The Visual Effects of Iron Man." "I am Iron Man," a 108 minute behind-the-scenes special, contains interviews with cast and crew. "The Invincible Iron Man" is a 47-minute retrospective with Comic Creators' takes on the character of Iron Man from his early beginnings in TALES OF SUSPENSE right to the modern era in "Extremis" and NEW AVENGERS. "Wired: The Visual Effects of Iron Man" takes a brief look at the visual effects that created many of the stunning scenes in "Iron Man." Want more? The "Iron Man" DVD also features Robert Downey Jr.'s screen test, "The Actor's Process" (a scene rehearsal with the cast), a feature from The Onion "Wildly Popular Iron Man Trailer to be Adapted into Full Length Film," and a Stan Lee easter egg that DVD owners will have to find on their own.

Two-Disc Blu-Ray Edition

The "Special" and "Ultimate" editions of the "Iron Man" DVD boast image galleries full of stills from the film and behind the scenes. The Blu-ray, "Ultimate Edition" has even more to offer. Iron Man IQ, a BD Live feature that allows you to put your Iron Man knowledge to the test against other fans and Hall of Armor, which gives you an up close and personal view the armor from the movie. So, now that you have all the info you need on the "Iron Man" DVDs, make like Tony Stark and buy the one that best "suits" your needs.
"Iron Man" DVD and Blu-ray in stores now! Order the Iron Man DVD now in a two-disc special edition, a single-disc edition or an ultimate two-disc Blu-ray edition. And be sure to head over to the official Iron Man movie site. Want to catch up on your Iron Man reading? Check out this list of essential comic collections. And don't forget to head over to Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited for all the Shellhead stories you can handle! Check out the official Marvel Shop for everything Iron Man!



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