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Iron Man Movie

A Villain Revealed

At the San Diego Comic Con this past weekend, director/actor/writer Jon Favreau, who is set to helm the highly anticipated big screen adaptation of Iron Man, announced who Shellhead's nemesis would be in the upcoming film. Mr. Favreau of Swingers and Made fame, named fan-favorite and long-standing Iron Man archenemy Mandarin as the villain who will be the rust in Tony Stark's armor. Additionally, we have a sneak peak of the teaser poster that was shown at the convention. Designed by Iron Man artist Adi Granov—a major player in the production design of this film—this poster gives a glimpse as to what Stark could look like when he eventually dons the red and gold suit in May of 2008. This project, the first feature film to be produced independently by Marvel Entertainment, is expected to be financed through Marvel's $525 million revolving film financing facility and distributed under Marvel's overall distribution arrangement with Paramount. Iron Man will mark the first production under Mr. Arad's newly launched production company, Avi Arad Productions. Storyboarding has already commenced. Favreau had stated that he intended to cast an unknown in the role of Anthony Stark a.k.a Iron Man, though rumors are gaining momentum. Favreau has also said that the plot itself will not so much deal with his personal problems (alcoholism) as much as the creation of his suit and the birth of Iron Man. However, he did say if there would be a sequel, the story could easily head in some of those directions. Keep your eye-beams on the look out for more news on this metal-head movie.

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