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Punisher: War Zone Movie

Punisher: War Zone In Theaters Now

Catch the Punisher's latest cinematic thrillride!

Frank Castle returns to theaters once again this weekend with "Punisher: War Zone!" This time around Ray Stevenson brings Marvel's trigger-happy, crime-fighting vigilante to life as he takes to the streets of New York in his war against the villainous Jigsaw, played by Dominic West! Remember to hit your local theater to catch the Punisher's newest cinematic outing, but prepare yourself for a healthy heaping of blood-letting as Castle turns Manhattan into his very own "War Zone!" For all of Marvel.com's coverage of the film, including images from the movie, trailers and more, check out the "Related News" sidebar to the right! And now, just to get your blood pumping, check out this sweet trailer:
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