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Iron Man Movie

Iron Man: Best Movie of 2008

Moviefone.com, EW and others heap praise on Marvel's 2008 blockbuster

Moviefone.com names "Iron Man" the best movie of 2008! "Iron Man":Best Movie of 2008, moviefone.com "Pound-for-metal-alloy-clad-pound, 'Iron Man' is 2008's most unequivocal cinematic triumph." -- Moviefone.com's 50 Best Movies of 2008 See who else is buzzin' about Shellhead's stellar box office debut! Robert Downey Jr.: 2008 Entertainer of the Year, Entertainment Weekly "Downey wanted 'Iron Man' so badly he spent three weeks compulsively rehearsing every conceivable line reading for his audition. 'I had amendments and ancillaries and pop-ups for every part of the scene - if it went off in one direction I could add A, B, or C. It was madness,' he says, 'but also the most positively reinforced ritual I've ever performed. If Aleister Crowley had a younger brother - it was that type of s---.'" -- EW's 2008 Entertainers of the Year "Iron Man": Favorite Movie, USA Today's Pop Candy "I know I'm about to catch heat for this, but I can't lie: If you ask me which movie I enjoyed the most this year, which film made me laugh and gasp and feel like I wanted to see it again as soon as I saw it the first time, well, that was Iron Man. I can't imagine anyone but Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark, and the flying scenes ... well, I'm a sucker for a man in midair, and those moments made me feel like I was soaring through the clouds alongside him. Bring on the sequel." -- Year-end list: My favorite movies of '08, by Whitney Matheson "Iron Man": 2008 10 Best List, Wall Street Journal "'Iron Man.' Just as 'Wall-e' expands -- vastly -- the idea of an animated feature, this Marvel Comics production expands the notion of a mainstream summer action adventure. The genre, it tells us, doesn't have to be ritually stupid, pointlessly violent or insistently inane. There's room for sophistication, genuinely dazzling gadgetry and scintillating comedy along with the obligatory action set-pieces. The film isn't perfect, but Robert Downey Jr. gives it a brain and a big heart as the occupant of the shiny red suit. He's half man, half robot and all star." -- The Best of 2008: A Tight Race for Top Honors, by Joe Morgenstern, Wall Street Journal "Iron Man": Ultimate Two-Disc Edition, "The Best & Worst of 2008," Entertainment Weekly "The best superhero movie released to date, Iron Man benefits crucially from the debonair performance of Robert Downey Jr. as metal-encased Tony Stark. Downey is so good, he makes it seem as though he's improvising his dialogue. The set also includes an insightful 100-minute-plus documentary, ''I Am Iron Man,'' as thorough a this-is-how-we-did-it behind-the-scenes documentary as any film in this genre has received." -- 10 Best Movie DVDs of 2008 "Iron Man": Best Films of 2008, Roger Ebert "Like 'Spider-Man 2' and 'The Dark Knight,' another leap forward for the superhero movie. Robert Downey Jr. and director Jon Favreau reinvent Tony Stark as a conflicted, driven genius who has a certain plausibility, even when inundated by special effects. So successful are they that in the climactic rooftop battle between two towering men of steel, we know we're looking almost entirely at CGI, and yet the creatures embody character and emotion. Downey hit bottom, as everyone knows. Now he has triumphantly returned." -- The best films of 2008... and there were a lot of them Robert Downey Jr.: No. 2, Top 100 People of 2008, USA Today's Pop Candy "There's no doubt this actor is the comeback king, but his greatest return happened in '08 with the mighty "Iron Man." (To watch Downey Jr. soar through the air was magical, if only because we've known how low he has been before.) He followed the heroic part with another blockbuster, 'Tropic Thunder,' and upcoming projects include 'Sherlock Holmes' and 'Iron Man 2.' The man is back, and it's a pleasure to see him in action." -- Top 100 People of 2008, by Whitney Matheson Robert Downey Jr.: 2nd Place, 2008 Entertainer of the Year, AP Though Associated Press members selected Tina Fey as the organization's Entertainer of the Year, the AP noted RDJ's "...comeback was capped with the blockbuster smash 'Iron Man,'" and honored him with the second place slot. Stay glued to this story as we update with more "Best of" love for the Golden Avenger. Check out the official Marvel Shop for everything Iron Man!



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