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FIRST LOOK: Extremis Iron Man & Wendigo Statues

Bowen Designs gives a peek at two upcoming statues



By TJ Dietsch

Extremis Iron Man statue from Bowen Designs
2010's going to be a big year for Iron Man. He recently come out of a coma in the pages of INVINCIBLE IRON MAN, he will be returning to the silver screen with May's "Iron Man 2" and ol' shellhead gets yet another interpretation from the master sculptors over at Bowen Designs, this time based on the Extremis armor he sported in the pages of IRON MAN by Warren Ellis and Adi Granov. The 12-inch statue--measured from base to head--was sculpted by Avinash Hegde, with Randy Bowen pitching in as well.

In addition to showing off the finished Iron Man Extremis statue, which will be available mid-summer, Bowen offered up a behind-the-scenes look at the Wendigo statue he's working on. Bowen laid out the process from beginning to end.

Wendigo sketch by Randy Bowen
"I start with a sketch that needs to be approved by Marvel before I begin sculpting," Bowen explains. "After the design is approved, I begin the figure by creating an armature out of aluminum wire. Next, I begin roughing in the general masses and pose of the piece using polymer clay as the sculpting medium."

Then comes another round of images sent to Marvel for comments, alterations or approval, followed by the sculptor making those changes and sending them in for final approval.

Wendigo prototype statue and Wolverine statue from Bowen Designs
"After the piece has final approval, it is then fired--solidified in an oven," Bowen says. "The next step is to have a silicon mold made so that prototypes can be created. The castings are then painted and photographed for further Marvel approval. Once approved, they are sent to the factory to use as three dimensional reference guides for the factory production staff and hand painters. Each piece is painted by hand, inspected and then shipped to our warehouse for distribution."

As you can see with the Wendigo piece, Bowen has gone through the sketching and initial sculpting stages. This particular piece is being designed to go along with the Wolverine and Hulk statues which have similar bases to celebrate Wolverine's first full appearance in INCREDIBLE HULK #181. As of now, Wendigo is scheduled for a late summer release.

Look for more photos and information about the Wendigo statue in the coming months and look for Bowen Designs' Extremis Iron Man statue this summer.


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