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FIRST LOOK: Kotobukiya's Colossus, X-23 & Warpath Concept Art

Get an exclusive, inside look at concept art for Kotobukiya's upcoming Colossus, X-23 and Warpath Fine Art Statues

Marvel is pleased to announce the latest additions to the Marvel Comics Presents: The Kotobukiya Collection with exclusive concept art of the ferocious X-23, the invulnerable Colossus and the formidable Warpath, presented only on Marvel.com. Look for all of the statues in 2011!

Concept art for Kotobukiya's X-Force Series X-23 statue
Cloned from a damaged sample of Wolverine's DNA, X-23 was raised in captivity and trained to be a weapon. The introduction of a trigger scent would send X-23 into a murderous rampage that her handlers used to have her carry out missions. She eventually tracked down Wolverine and become a part of the X-Men. Her extraordinary combat skills and killer instinct enabled her to become a part of Cyclops' black-ops team, X-Force.

X-23 is ready for anything that comes her way as she poses on the ledge of a building, claws extended in her X-Force uniform. This X-Force Series staue features an incredible attention to the small details of her costume.

Concept art for Kotobukiya's X-Men Danger Room Sessions Colossus statue
Born on a Soviet collective farm, Piotr Rasputin was happy to use his mutant powers to help maintain his home. But Professor Charles Xavier called Piotr into action to save the X-Men and he was reborn as Colossus. A being of exceptional strength, impenetrable skin and a gentle heart, Colossus recognizes the hand he has been dealt and despite his calm demeanor, he is ready for battle at a moments notice.

Part of the X-Men Danger Room Sessions series, Colossus is training in the Danger Room, ripping the innards out of some mechanic menace in preparation for the next mission.

Concept art for Kotobukiya's X-Force Series Warpath statue
James Proudstar swore he would stop at nothing to kill the one man responsible for his brother's death. But when faced with the opportunity, he found that he could not murder Charles Xavier in cold blood. Instead, he joined the X-Men and became another member of Cyclops' anything goes covert ops team, X-Force. Aided by his super-human senses and strength and a pair of vibranium daggers, Warpath strikes fear into the very souls of those who oppose him.

Warpath, having just vanquished an enemy is daring any other opposition to stand in his way in the concept art for this X-Force Series statue. He stands over crumbled architecture, eyes focused, knives drawn, resolution unwavering.

All three of these fine art statues are 1/6 scale. Fans can hope to see X-23 and Colossus in May 2011 and Warpath in June 2011. For more information, stay tuned to Marvel.com.


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