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Muckle Mannequins

Muckle Mannequins Hulk Out

The inside scoop on the Jade Giant's immense collectible!

The Incredible Hulk statue from Muckle Mannequins

By TJ Dietsch

We recently introduced you to the life-sized world of German statue-makers Muckle Mannequins with the help of American distributor Section 9 Entertainment's Stephan Lokotsch. Today Lokotsch gives all the details fit to print on the just-under-eight-foot-tall Incredible Hulk statue based on the Marvel Studios movie of the same name.

"I believe when choosing a design for a consumer product like this, it is best to commit to one version or another to do it justice--either film or comic--not a blend," Lokotsch said. "When tying the marketing into the movie campaign, it is even more paramount to mirror the look people are then exposed to via the film and its advertising."

As for the pose itself, Lokotsch explained that the process does not just involve finding the coolest look, but also something that can work practically when producing these huge collectible statues.

The Incredible Hulk statue from Muckle Mannequins

"We always aim for characters in dynamic poses as opposed to statues simply standing lifelessly with their arms down," Lokotsch said. "In the case of Hulk, Studio Oxmos nailed the character pose, without which, the character would not have as much impact as it does. We oftentimes seek guidance from trailers, comics and cover shots to choose the most representative and affective pose. A crucial factor hereby is also for both Muckle and Oxmos to determine that the pose can practically be manufactured, the process of which has become sort of short-hand language, as Oxmos' Marc Klinnert knows exactly what will and will not work."

The question on some fans' minds will be whether red, gray or more comic-based versions of the character will work for Muckle. The answer's not a simple yes or no, but depends on how well the original product sells.

The Incredible Hulk statue from Muckle Mannequins

"At 94-inches tall, Hulk is not the kind of statue everyone has room for, which clearly limits its market potential," Lokotsch said. "Considering the rather high development cost, it becomes a mathematical equation as to whether or not enough statues can be sold to justify the upfront cost, which in the case of Hulk is not easy. That said, if enough consumer demand is voiced, we may offer the current sculpture in variant colors."

If the full-size statue looks too big or imposting for the average living room, though, there is another option, the Incredible Hulk bust, which Lokotsch confirms is the same torso and head as the regular statue but without the arms and legs, making it the perfect gift for that Hulk fan without a gamma-enhanced apartment!

Stay glued to Marvel.com for an in-depth look at the Iron Man 2 Muckle Mannequin, and even more with Lokotsch. Get more info on Muckle Mannequins here.


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One word, INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If they came out with a variant as Red hulk I'd definitely buy it!


wow... Incredible Hulk is still one of my fav Marvel Movies. I would love this thing in my living room to greet guests :P