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Q: What do I do if I cannot or choose not to attack?

A: If you can’t attack, or if you decide not to attack, you must either leave your figure in the pose he was in at the start of his turn, or you can change him to the Punch, Kick, or Ranged pose. You can’t change your figure into the Power pose unless he uses a power card.
Q: What if my Ranged attack weapon hits the table, then bounces up and hits the figure I was aiming at or another figure?

A: Be careful! If you hit a figure other than your intended target, the figure you hit takes one hit. If the shot hits the table or the figure’s base first, the shot misses. If the shot hits the defending figure’s post, that counts as a hit on that figure. If it hits only the base, the shot misses. If the shot glances off the intended target and hits another figure, only the intended target takes the hit.
Q: Do I have to move my figure every round?

A: No, you don’t have to move. However, if you don’t move you can’t use the special power or panel card icons on the panel you’re on. You won’t get any benefit from the panel card your figure started his turn on.
Q: What happens if the attacker's total and the defender's total are the same after rolling the dice and applying all bonuses?

A: The attacker has not beaten the defender's total, so the attack fails to score a hit. So a tie favors the defender.


Q: I noticed that panel cards come in two varieties: plot twists and locations. What’s the difference?

A: The two varieties are mainly for flavor. There is no difference between the two. However, sometimes a panel card or power card will mention one or the other, and then it does matter. When it matters, the card will explain the special effect.


360 Degree Vision

Q: If this card is in a corner, it’s only diagonal to one panel card, right?

A: You are correct! So your figure would only get a +1 ATK bonus.

Armory & Handy Weapon

Q: The Armory and Handy Weapon says, “Reload weapon,” but then gives a defense bonus if my figure is in the Punch (or Kick) pose. What gives?

A: You don’t have to be in the Ranged pose to reload your figure’s weapon. Your best bet is to put your figure into the Punch pose when you land on the Armory, so you can reload your figure’s weapon, make a Punch attack, and get +2 DEF for the rest of the round.


Q: What if a figure moves onto a panel diagonal to Asgard for his first move, and then moves off of it onto a panel that is neither adjacent nor diagonal?

A: That figure did not land (end his movement) on an adjacent or diagonal panel, so you do not get to roll the dice.

Base of Operations

Q: Does the figure that lands on this panel get the bonus, too?

A: Yes indeed!

Blind Alley & Not So Fast

Q: Blind Alley says I “get the jump” on my opponent. Explain.

A: When a player “gets the jump” on another player, it means that player gets to move his figure first each round for the rest of the game. That is, until his opponent lands on this panel and gets the jump on him.
Q: I won the roll and got the jump on my opponent at the start of the battle. My opponent landed on Not So Fast at the end of round 3, so he got the jump on me, then attacked my figure. At the start of the next round, he gets to go first. But that means he gets to attack me twice in a row! How is that fair?

A: Well, you won the dice roll at the start of the battle, so you “got the jump” for free (meaning you didn’t have to work for it). Your opponent had to maneuver his figure onto that panel, forgoing all sorts of other great attack bonuses to get the jump on you. Seems fair to me!


Q: During round 2 I put my figure into the Punch pose (I was moved last). At the start of round 3, my opponent landed on Blindsided and used it against my figure. But I wanted to change my pose this round to the Power pose. Help!

A: You don’t get to change poses until it is your turn to move, so Blindsided works against your figure fair and square.

Cerebro & Rejuvenation
Q: Cerebro says to “flip one power card face up.” What does that do and can I turn any figure’s power card face up?

A: When you use a power card, you flip it face down to show that you have used it. Cerebro allows you to recharge that power by turning the card face up. Now you can use it again! And, no, you cannot turn another figure’s power card face up. It only helps the figure that landed there.

Daily Bugle

Q: My opponent fired his weapon at my figure and missed. Does that count as being attacked?

A: Yes indeed!

Dark Alley

Q: My figure is on Dark Alley. My opponent’s figure gets two attacks this turn. Do I get to roll for each of his attacks?

A: Yes indeed!

Doc Ock’s Lab

Q: I have Thing on Doc Ock’s Lab. I want to use the One-Two Punch power card. Do I get to re-roll the 2nd roll if it’s under an 8?

A: Hold on there, champ! You can’t use a power card and a panel card in the same turn! If you’re playing some crazy variant game where that is possible, the answer would be no. The 2nd roll is not an attack, so the Lab does not help it.


Q: Why would I want to destroy a panel card?

A: Because it’s fun! Also, it’s a good way to keep your opponent’s figures from getting to use them. Well, you can’t use them either, but at least you got to decide which one to blow up.

Flurry of Blows

Q: My opponent got the jump on me at the start of the game. It's now round 2, and my figure just landed on the Flurry of Blows panel and I want to use it. What happens?

A: Since your opponent already has the jump on you, nothing bad happens. You get to use that panel card without penalty. However, if your opponent uses it, he would have to give up going first each round, as that card requires you to give up going first each round to use it.
Q: I'm playing a multi-player battle and want to use the Flurry of Blows panel card. It says, “your opponent gets the jump on you.” Who gets the jump on whom?

A: You get to decide which of your opponents gets the jump on you. That player ends up getting the jump on everyone and will get to move and attack first for the rest of the battle. Well, at least until someone gets the jump on him...


Q: What does it mean to “Return one of your figures KO’d this battle to any unoccupied panel with one face-up power card?”

A: When your figure was KO’d, you removed all of his power cards from his power row. When another figure uses the Graveyard to bring him back, you choose just ONE power card for that figure. That figure comes back into play with that one power card, so it will only take one hit to KO him again.
Q: I used Graveyard to bring a figure back that had already moved this turn. Does he get to move again? (I know he can’t attack.)

A: No, that figure has already moved this round, so he doesn’t get to move again. The card says that he gets to move, not that he gets to move again.

Gust of Wind

Q: I don’t understand how to use Gust of Wind effectively. What’s the secret?

A: It’s good for a number of reasons.
1. If you move an opposing figure onto a panel card, that figure can’t make use of that panel card on his turn, as he started his turn on it.
2. You can move him away from your figure, and then you can Ranged attack him. If he doesn’t have his weapon loaded, he may not be able to attack this round!
3. You can move him off of a panel where he is getting bonuses that last the whole round (usually defense bonuses).

Huge Target

Q: If I move my opponent’s figure off of this panel card during my turn (before I attack), do I still have to attack him?

A: No! And yet another reason why Gust of Wind is good (see above).

Medical Attention & Muir Island

Q: I landed on this panel, but I haven’t taken any hits. Can I get a 4th hit point?

A: No, you can’t have more hits than you have power cards.

Mystical Transformation

Q: Can I turn my power cards face down voluntarily so I can get the bonus from Mystical Transformation?

A: No, you have to use them fair and square.


Q: I landed on Outnumbered and my opponent has more figures than I do. If my attack KO’s one of his figures and he no longer outnumbers me, does my figure still get the bonus?

A: Yes, he does, unless your opponent manages to move your figure off of the panel this round.

Revenge Strike

Q: My opponent didn’t attack my figure this round, but used a power card that did one hit to my figure. Can I still use Revenge Strike?

A: Yes indeed!


Q: When I use Teleportation to move to a new panel card, do I get to use the special ability and panel card icons of the panel I Teleport to?

A: The figure has already used a panel card for the turn, so he doesn’t get to use the special ability of the panel card that he teleports to. However, he can take advantage of a panel card icon bonus on the panel that he teleports to.
Q: Why are there panel card icons on Teleportation?

A: The card does say “You may move…”, so you don’t have to teleport if you don’t want to. If your figure stays there, he gets to use the panel card icons there.

Victory Stance

Q: My opponent tried to use “Earthquake!” against my figure, but the roll missed my figure. Does that count as a miss?

A: No, that was a special ability, not an attack. Attacks are normal attacks that use dice and poses.



Q: “Web Shooter” says to make a Ranged attack. How can I do that while in the Power pose? And what if my weapon isn’t loaded?

A: Power cards sometimes break the rules of the game. So grab Spidey’s weapon, attach it, and fire away! If your weapon isn’t loaded, then you can’t use this power card.
Q: I want to use "Web Slinging". However, my figure is surrounded in the corner by my opponent's figures (we're playing a 3-on-3 battle), and the rulebook says I can't move over opposing figures. Help!

A: When a panel or power card tells you that you can move a figure to any panel on the board, that is not normal movement, so the rules of normal movement don't apply. So you are not breaking the movement rule, as your figure is not actually moving over them. He's making a special move that lets him go anywhere. However, you still must land on an unoccupied panel.
Q: “Alien Symbiote” says to “leave this card face up.” Does that mean I can use a 2nd time this turn?

A: No, you only get to use one power card per turn. Leaving it face up just means that you can use it again this battle.
Q: I want to use “Sticky Situation”, but my opponent has a figure on the panel card I want to use. Help!

A: That doesn’t matter. Spidey isn’t moving there to use it. He gets to use it from where he is now whether or not it is occupied.
Q: Explain the usefulness of “Altered Genetics”.

A: Before you start a battle, you don’t have full information about the opposing figures you’ll face, their powers, or what the battle board will look like. Sometimes you wish you had chosen a different power card halfway through a battle. Altered Genetics allows Spidey to go get a power card that will really help him out in the rounds to come.
Q: I went first and used “Spider Senses”. On my opponent’s turn, he rolled double 6’s while attacking my Spidey. Does he have to re-roll both dice or just one? And what if he landed on a panel that tells him to roll dice? Does he have to re-roll there too?

A: He has to re-roll both of them. And if one of them comes up a 6 again, he has to re-roll it again until it comes up with a 1-5 result. It’s usually a good idea to re-roll them one at a time. And yes, anytime he rolls a 6 he has to re-roll, not just during combat.
Q: “Wall Crawling” says that Spidey can only use it while he’s on a location panel. How can I tell what type of panel he is on?

A: At the top of each panel card is the name of that panel. Right underneath that name is the type of panel it is: plot twist or location.


Q: I used “Combat Reflexes” during my turn. Now my opponent’s figure is attacking Wolverine. Can I make him re-roll his attack dice?

A: No, that only works for Wolverine’s attack. When you see the words “this attack” it means just for the current attack. Since Wolverine gets to make an attack after using this power card, it only works during his attack. Also, cards only work for the figure the card belongs to unless the card specifically mentions other characters.
Q: Why would I want to heal a hit using “Healing Factor” and give up my attack?

A: Attacking doesn’t guarantee that you’ll hit your opponent, but this power card is guaranteed to heal you. Sometimes staying healthy is more important than trying to score a hit on an opponent.
Q: In the first round my opponent scored a hit on my Wolverine. Then I used “Healing Factor” to heal that hit. Now Wolverine has no hits and I want to use “Berserker Rage”. Can I?

A: No, as Wolverine currently has no hits. He needs to be injured to go into his “Berserker Rage”. Same thing goes for “Heightened Senses”. Wolverine must have a sideways power card in order to use it.
Q: I used “Deep Wound” and hit my opponent, but my opponent has no face-up power cards. What happens?

A: Nothing. You probably should have used that power card earlier.

Iron Man

Q: What if the 2nd shot with “Focused Blast” misses, too?

A: Sorry, but you don’t get to make a 3rd attack.
Q: I’m using “Jet Boots” to move Iron Man to a new panel. Does he get to use the Power pose icon bonus on the new panel?

A: Yes indeed!
Q: Explain “Wide Beam”.

A: This card is very powerful in a multi-player or multi-figure battle. You get to make one Ranged attack against each opposing figure, as long as that figure is not immediately adjacent or diagonal to Iron Man. You get to keep reloading until you have attacked each legal target. After you have attacked the last target, you don’t get to reload his weapon this turn, so Iron Man’s weapon will be unloaded until he finds a way to reload it later.


Q: My Hulk was hit twice during the battle, but I healed him once using a panel card. How much of a bonus do I get from “Getting Angry” or “Hulking Out”?

A: He currently only has one hit (one sideways power card), so he just gets +2 ATK for “Getting Angry” and +2 DEF for “Hulking Out”.

Captain America

Q: I’m using “Retrieve”, but why do I need a +2 ATK bonus for a Ranged attack? You don’t roll dice for a Ranged attack.

A: That power card does not tell you that Cap can make a Ranged attack, so that +2 ATK bonus will apply to a normal Power pose attack. You can’t make a Ranged attack while using a power card unless the power card reads, “Make a Ranged attack.”
Q: I haven’t attached Captain America’s weapon to his arm yet this battle, as I haven’t made a Ranged attack yet, so when using “Shield Defense”, is his weapon loaded?

A: Whether or not you currently have his weapon attached doesn’t matter. If you haven’t used it, it is loaded. If you have used it and have not reloaded it, then it is unloaded.
Q: “Tactics” says to move Cap after “this attack.” What does that mean?

A: This attack means the attack Cap is about to make. After using a power card you get to make a Power pose attack.
Q: Does Captain America’s “Leadership” give him the bonus, too?

A: Yes indeed!


Q: I used Thing’s “One-Two Punch”. I KO’d the defender with Thing’s Power pose attack, now I want to roll the dice. Can I roll anyway and see if I can cause a hit on another adjacent defender?

A: No, sorry. Only the figure that Thing attacked is a defender. You don’t get to roll the dice, as the defender is now KO’d. If the defender had a way of preventing the hit that KO’d him, you would roll the dice, as the defender would still be on the board.
Q: My Thing figure was hit (and would have been KO’d) by an opposing figure, but “Rock Solid” worked (I rolled a 10!), so I get to heal one hit. Was Thing technically KO’d for a moment, or does the healing work to prevent that? Also, can I choose which card gets healed (turned upright from sideways)?

A: That power card prevented Thing from being KO’d, so you could not, for instance, use the “Graveyard”. Also, it does not matter which power card you heal (turn upright), as there is no benefit to having a particular card upright or sideways. Pick one or decide at random.

Human Torch

Q: I’m using “Heat Wave”. My opponent used the “Earthquake” against Torch earlier this round and scored a hit. Does the figure that used that panel against me count as a figure that hit Torch this round?

A: No, that figure did not use an attack or a power card against Torch, (the panel card is to blame!) so that figure is immune to Heat Wave this round.
Q: I want to use Torch’s “Nova Burst” during a five-player game. I have an alliance with another player right now, so is his character immune to the Burst?

A: No, sorry. Unless everyone decided to play a team battle before you started, his figure is not a teammate of yours.

Ghost Rider

Q: I’m using “Relentless Assault”. Can I just say I miss the normal Power pose attack, so I can roll and try to deal him two hits?

A: No way! You have to roll the attack fair and square.
Q: Can I use “Burn Rubber” even if I don’t make an attack?

A: Yes indeed!
Q: How is “Penance Stare” worth it? Ghost Rider takes a hit, too!

A: If you can KO your opponent’s figure and Ghost Rider is not KO’d by it, you win! In a multi-figure game, it’s a great way to put the finishing touches on an opposing figure that may be too well defended or too far away to hit. If Ghost Rider isn’t KO’d by it, you’ll have a numerical advantage over your opponent.
Q: How come Ghost Rider’s “Vengeance” requires rolling dice, while Human Torch’s “Heat Wave” does the same thing, but without having to roll. Torch’s power card is way better! Unfair!

A: Some figures have better Attack and Defense ratings than other figures. Figures with low ATK and DEF tend to have more powerful power cards. By the way, they aren’t actually the same. Human Torch has to give up his attack to use Heat Wave. Ghost Rider can make his Power pose attack and then roll for Vengeance.

Dr. Doom

Q: If I use “Plan B” and choose to destroy an adjacent panel, do I get to roll the dice and try to get a 7+ like on “Earthquake!” or Thing’s “Stomp!” power card?

A: No. Just because it does something similar to those cards doesn’t mean you get all the effects those other cards do.
Q: I went first this round and used “Decoy Program”. My opponent wants to use “Penance Stare” against me, but Dr. Doom can’t be attacked this round! Who’s right?

A: Penance Stare is not an attack, it’s an automatic hit, so Decoy Program does not stop it. However, Ghost Rider would not be able to make his normal Power pose attack against Dr. Doom this round.
Q: When I flip a power card face down with “Mystical Confusion” does that cause a hit to that figure?

A: No. Turning power cards sideways is how you track hits. Flipping a power card face down just means that the card can’t be used this battle, unless your opponent finds a way to flip it face up.
Q: I’m using “Mystical Fog”, and then I’m moving to “Rejuvenation”. Is “Mystical Fog” already face down by the time Doom gets there, allowing me to flip it face up immediately?

A: Yes indeed!


Q: How do I unload my opponent’s weapon with “Outgunned”? My opponent doesn’t even have his weapon attached to his figure!

A: It doesn’t matter if it’s attached right now or not. Fire it away from the battle board or just take the projectile out of the weapon.

Doc Ock

Q: With “Dangerous Experiment” can I flip my teammate’s power cards face up?

A: No, you can only flip up one of Doc’s power cards. If you could help out a friend, the card would say, “Flip two power cards belonging to any figure face up.”
Q: The card “Tentacles of Fury” mentions another card called “Idle Hands”, but I don’t have that card. Help!

A: The “Idle Hands” power card is found randomly in other Battle Boosters. Trade cards with your friends or collect the whole set of figures and you’re sure to get it.
Q: The card “What are the Odds?” says I may re-roll both dice. Can I roll just one dice and leave the other one as is? And does the card work for non-combat rolls?

A: You must re-roll both dice. Yes, it does work for non-combat rolls. After putting Doc Ock into his Power pose and choosing this card, the next time you roll less than an 8 this round, for any reason, you may re-roll both dice.



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