Dark Horse Syroco Statuettes

First Look: Spider-Man Statue from Dark Horse Deluxe

Marvel teams up with Dark Horse Deluxe to bring you retro statues of your favorite characters!



Been looking for a way to appease that wave of nostalgia you feel everytime you stumble across an old issue of your favorite Marvel series? Well, dust off your shelves and move your skee ball trophies to the attic, because this September our friends over at Dark Horse Deluxe are releasing a new line of retro Marvel statuettes!

Inspired by their original 1960s designs (from the web-winged Spider-Man to a canary yellow Daredevil), the statuettes are painted to create a "distressed" look, with visibile seams and a rougher surface. Each hand-numbered statuette comes in a full-color, litho-printed tin box, complete with a small character booklet and pin-back button.

“I’ve collected Marvel comics since I was a kid,” Dark Horse president Mike Richardson recalled, “so I am really excited by this opportunity to add these terrific characters to our classic Syroco line. From the beginning, the goal of this program was to give a very unique treatment to the greatest characters in comics, and now we have the good fortune to work with the fine folks at Marvel on some of my absolute favorites.”

The first in the series, the original Amazing Spider-Man statuette will be available in September, with only 2,000 units being produced. Plans for future statuettes include the Fantastic Four, and the original Avengers.

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again. how much? and how can i get one?