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Diamond Select Toys

Spotlight on X-Men: First Class Minimates

Feast your eyes on Diamond Select Toys' assortment of new mutant Minimates, just in time for 'X-Men: First Class'!

X-Men: First Class Minimates - comics version figures from Diamond Select Toys

With their Minimates line, Diamond Select Toys has delivered dozens of diminutive toys to comic fans over the last several years. And now, in time for the June 3 release of Fox's blockbuster "X-Men: First Class" film, DST has unleashed their latest assortment of figures featuring film and comic versions of First Class Minimates!

Available now and exclusive to Toys “R” Us, the film-based X-Men: First Class Minimates line consists of four two-packs: Charles Xavier with Sebastian Shaw; Emma Frost with Havok; Beast with Azazel; and Magneto with Mystique. 

X-Men: First Class Minimates - film version figures from Diamond Select Toys

Fans of the X-Men: First Class comics, take note: a set of original X-Men First Class Minimates, featuring Iceman, Jean Grey, Cyclops and Angel, hits comic shops and specialty stores this July!

For more information on Minimates and other cool collectables, make sure to check out www.diamondselecttoys.com and @CollectDST on Twitter, and be sure to stay glued to Marvel.com for upcoming news on all Marvel collectibles!

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      What no Banshee, We couldnt make the whole team?


      is this honesty all marvel is making for first class? come on what about the older fans!! we want real action figures not crappy lego figures. i was really looking forward to a video game but no there isnt one & there probly never will be.god it would be so cool playing as emma frost.