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5 New Sets of Marvel Minimates

Mega-Rage Hulk, Green Goblin, Nightcrawler and more join Diamond Select Toys' line of tiny collectibles!



Three new sets of Diamond Select's Minimates!

Diamond Select Toys recently dispatched their latest line of cool collectables for the release of "X-Men: First Class," but don’t look away just yet; DST has a slew of of miniature mutants and marvel mainstays for fans to snag, spread across five two-packs, slated to release this summer!

Marvel Minimates Wave 41 kicks off with a set containing First Appearance Iron Man coupled with the very diesel, and very angry, Mega-Rage Hulk. This two-pack will be accompanied in stores everywhere by the cool combo of Unmasked Spider-Man and Green Goblin, who’s equipped with his infamous glider!

Much like previous waves, Diamond Select will treat comic shops and specialty stores to an exclusive pack, this time containing the X-villain Mr. Sinister partnered with the robotic mutant mauler, Nimrod. A special variant pack will also be released containing the variant Age of Apocalypse Sinister figure!

Toys “R” Us Exclusive Minimates!

Toys "R" Us has played a big role in the past few Diamond Select releases, and this time is no exception as the 11th wave of exclusive TRU Minimates showcases perhaps some of the most exciting figures of this series! The toy store juggernaut sports two exclusive two-packs, one containing Nightcrawler and Betsy Braddock, and the other sporting the duo of Fantomex and Mr. Negative!

Look for all five sets to hit shelves this August, but until then take a peek at these sweet preview pictures! For more information on Minimates and other cool collectables, make sure to check out diamondselecttoys.com and @CollectDST on Twitter, and be sure to stay glued to Marvel.com for upcoming news on all Marvel collectibles!

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