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The Making-Of: Spider-Man Syroco Statue

Go behind the scenes to find out how Dark Horse created the brand new classic-style Spider-Man statue!



By Ryan Penagos

The first of Dark Horse Deluxe's brand new line of Classic Marvel Characters statues has arrived! 

Inspired by Spidey's original '60s design, the Amazing Spider-Man statuette is painted to create a "distressed" look, with visibile seams and a rougher surface. Each hand-numbered statuette comes in a full-color, litho-printed tin box, complete with a small character booklet and pin-back button. There are only 2,000 units of this super-cool Spidey out there and for only $49.95, they're sure to fly off shelves! 

Before you hit up your local comic shop to get your own Spidey, check out some special behind-the-scenes photos and process details straight from David Scroggy, Dark Horse's VP of Product Development.

"Syroco"-style statuettes are a type of collectable inspired by figurines from the 1930s and 194's. These were often roughly-hewn and painted. In recreating this look, Dark Horse Comics has come up with a look that sculptor Craig Yoe describes as "primitive but charming." In creating Spider-Man, first of an ongoing series of classic Marvel characters, the Dark Horse team went through several phases of pre-production. Here is a behind-the-scenes look at the steps along the way.

The product team started with a pose idea that showed a 1963 version of Spider-Man with his early “web wing” costume.
We were also inspired by a detail of artist Steve Ditko’s unique drawing of Spider-Man’s hands.
We did not want to extend Spider-Man’s arms that wide, so we did a quick photo showing a suggestion for a revised pose.
Yoe! Studio then made a control art illustration.
The statuette was then sculpted in clay to establish its basic structur.e
Fine detail was applied to a wax casting made from the clay sculpture.
This is the wax, with close-ups of the head for better understanding of its details.
Upon approval of the wax, we went to a painted prototype.
The final version shows the tin box and pin-back button with the prototype.

Plans for future Dark Horse Deluxe Classic Marvel Characters statuettes include the Fantastic Four and the original Avengers. Big thanks to David Scroggy, Jeremy Atkins and Damon Nee for helping with this. Visit darkhorse.com and Marvel.com for future updates!



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