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Diamond Select Toys

Toy Fair 2012: Diamond Select Toys Highlights

Check out exclusive new Marvel Select figures and Minimates from Diamond Select Toys

Marvel’s partnership with Diamond Select Toys has brought about plenty of awesome collectibles and figures, but at Toy Fair 2012, DST really upped the ante.

Marvel Select Hawkeye

The Marvel Select figures for “Marvel’s The Avengers,” due out in conjunction with the film, include all the major characters. Even the Avengers’ top secret foe will be available though it’s too soon to show here!

Diamond Select Toys also has exclusive collectibles for “The Amazing Spider-Man,” including figures of Peter Parker and The Lizard. Be sure to look for all “The Amazing Spider-Man” items in June.

Marvel fans can also look for movie-related and comics-based Minimates, along with tie-ins to the crossover fighting game, “Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds.” With Wave 1 on shelves now, next month will bring the release of Wave 2.

Several box sets will also be available soon. There will be a “Venom Through The Ages” set in September, which will feature the Bride of Venom, classic Venom, transforming Venom and the current Flash Thompson Venom. This set will only be available at Toys R Us and features Flash Thompson for the very first time!

The “Fear Itself” box sets, which will include Worthy and Mighty sets, will hit shelves in June and feature Spider-Man, Odin, Hawkeye and Iron Man as the Mighty and The Thing, The Serpent, Sin and Grey Gargoyle as the Worthy.

Marvel Select Hulk

Check out the complete listing of Diamond Select Toys products and release times below to add to your Marvel collection then enjoy the fully gallery of images below!

"Marvel's The Avengers"
Marvel Select Hulk - April
Marvel Select Iron Man Mark VI (re-issue) - April
Marvel Select Hawkeye - May
Marvel Select Mystery Foe - May
Marvel Minimates Wave 45
(Hulk/Iron Man, Captain America/Thor, Maria Hill/Mystery Foe#1, short-packed Mystery Foe#2/Mystery Foe #1) - May
Marvel Minimates Avengers Movie Wave at Toys R Us only
(Hulk/Iron Man, Captain America/Thor, Hawkeye/Black Widow, Nick Fury/Loki) - April

Diamond Select Toys Spider-Man and the Lizard busts

The Amazing Spider-Man
Marvel Select Spider-Man - June
Marvel Select Lizard - June
Spider-Man Statue - June
Spider-Man Bust - June
Spider-Man Unmasked Bust - June
Vigilante Spider-Man - June
Lizard Bust - June
Marvel Minimates Wave 46
(Spider-Man/Peter Parker, BD Spidey/Lizard, Uncle Ben/Police, short-packed Aunt May/Police) - June
Marvel Minimates Amazing Spider-Man Movie Wave at Toys R Us only
(Spider-Man/Peter Parker, BD Spidey/Lizard, Curt Connors/Gwen Stacy, Vigilante Spider-Man/Capt. Stacy) - June

Hawkeye, Spider-Man, and Odin Minimates from Diamond Select Toys

Marvel Select Green Goblin - February 22
Marvel Select Ultron - August
Marvel Select Storm - August
Marvel Select Nightcrawler - Winter
Marvel Minimates Wave 44
(Hulk/Iron Man, Captain America/Thor, Ant-Man I/Sentry, short-packed Ant-Man II/Sentry) - April
Marvel Minimates Wave 47
(Rogue/Colossus, Longshot/Dazzler, Wolverine/Brood, short-packed Brood Wolverine/Brood) - TBD
Fear Itself The Worthy Box Set
(The Serpent, Skaadi, Mokk, Angrir) - June
(Fear Itself The Mighty Box Set
(Odin, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Hawkeye) - June
Venom Through the Ages Box Set
(Venom, Flash Thompson Venom, She-Venom, Transformation Venom) - TBD
Hulk Through the Ages Box Set
(Compound Hulk, Moloid Hunter Hulk, Mr. Fixit & the Maestro) - TBD
Silver Surfer's Board Bottle Opener - September
Captain America's Shield Bottle Opener - December

“Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds"
Series 3 (Captain America/Ryu, Dr. Doom/Wesker, She-Hulk/Chun Li, X-23/Felicia) - April
Series 3 at Toys R Us only (
Captain America/Ryu, Dr. Doom/Wesker, Thor/Amaterasu, MODOK/Akuma) - April

Be sure to look for all of these items and more as they hit stores this year and check out more updates on Toy Fair 2012.

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