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Diamond Select Toys

UPDATE: Marvel Minimates 10th Anniversary Fan Polls

Diamond Select Toys and Marvel will hold a series of four fan polls to let YOU pick an upcoming wave of Minimates!

UPDATE: Vote in Poll #4 to decide who will be the next Marvel Minimate!

2013 marks the 10th anniversary of Diamond Select Toys' Marvel Minimates line, and will coincidentally see the 50th consecutive series of figures released at comic shops and specialty stores. To celebrate, DST wants to do something to recognize the fans who have supported the line over the years. And since there are so many fan-favorite characters who have yet to get their own Minimate figure, DST is going to give those fans the power to decide the line-up for Series 50! This series will only be available at comic shops and specialty stores, and will be entirely composed of fan-voted characters!

Over the next four weeks, Marvel.com will present a series of four polls, each representing one group of characters.
Poll #1 will be the Main Assault Team, showcasing the Marvel Universe's star players with updated or distinctly different looks.
Poll #2 will be the Support Team, giving some love to the unsung heroes who have backed up the all-stars over the years.
Poll #3 will be the Primary Targets, villain characters who we've never gotten their own Minimates or who need a re-do.
Poll #4 will be the Cannon Fodder, army-builder characters who you may want to buy more than one of.

The top 1 or 2 vote-getters in each category will be produced for Series 50, and once the line-up is assembled, Diamond Select will create a rare variant figure of one of those characters to round out the assortment! And stay tuned for the announcement of another fan poll to decide the next Toys "R" Us-exclusive box set!

Vote for poll #4 now! If you missed poll #1, #2 and #3 scroll below to pick your favorite Marvel Minimates.

If you missed poll #1, #2 and #3, you can still vote here.
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can we get a spider-man 2099 minmate!!!! that would be amazing!!!!!


Pick ghost rider not allot of ghost rider minimates.


I like Spider-man, so I think some symbiotes should be listed for the villains like an updated Carnage or Spider-Carnage, or classic Toxin with interchangeable heads with and without a mouth or the upcoming Eddie Brock Toxin, or Hybrid. Some non-symbiotes I would like to see would be Kaine, the new Hobgoblin, Doppelganger, Blood-Spider, or Spidercyde




I think the mutated Thing is best


hello marvel people, when i heard there was a minimate fan favorite poll, i was hopin that the fans could compile a list of characters we would like to see, and from there, narrow down the best ones from there. Instead, with this poll i see more rehashed core characters. I do like the grey hulk and mutated thing. But there are more interesting characters than werewolf capt. America. instead there could have been an Earth X capt. America or Man Thing or Deathlok or the Guardians of the Galaxy or lesser known but still interesting characters. Is there a way fans could email you guys our picks and choose from there?


Iron Man 2020 is the lamest character, maybe back when it debuted but either erase him from existence or reboot him.