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Hasbro Toys

Bonkazonks Reveals New Marvel Line

Check out the newest line of Marvel Bonkazonks!

By Kristen Maldonado and Anthony Chanza

Hasbro is back with even more of your favorite Marvel characters in Bonkazonks form!

Black Costume Spider-Man and Mysterio Marvel Bonkazonks
Bonkazonks are collectible free-form stunt-battling toys that enable you to create your own epic battles in the Marvel Universe. With a variety of new packs, you'll never be bored as you web-sling with Spidey or power up with Iron Man.

The Blind Bag assortment packs feature exclusive renditions of iconic Marvel heroes like Spider-Man and Captain America, as well as villains like Apocalypse and Dormammu. Each blind bag also contains two hidden Bonkazonks figures. The 4-Pack assortments come with three figures, plus one hidden figure!

If you're an avid collector, you will definitely want to pick up the Face Case assortments to store your Marvel Bonkazonks figures in style. Each case is based on a specific character, like Iron Man, Wolverine, and Captain America, so there's something for everyone! They even come with four exclusive figures to that Face Case character.

Ever dreamed of webbing through the city with Spider-Man? The Spider-Man Stackrobatic Stunt set is for you! Featuring six Spider-Man-themed Bonkazonks figures, a Slampoline launch, four Battle Blocks, and more, you may start to feel your own Spidey Sense tingling at signs of danger.

The Bonkazonks Headquarters, shaped like a giant Bonkazonks figure, is the ideal place to store your Bonkazonks collectibles. The sets includes two exclusive figures and a tray insert that can feature up to 24 Bonkazonks. The Headquarters itself can hold over 100 figures, and all of your stunt cards as well, keeping your Bonkazonks collection in one convenient place.
Iron Man, Doctor Doom, War Machine and Nick Fury Marvel Bonkazonks with Iron Man Face Case

All of these packs also come with a stunt card to unlock an expanded world of Bonkazonks online with multiple levels of play. Check it out at Bonkazonks.com! If collecting the figures isn't enough for you, you can play the online game to expand your Marvel hero experience! Stay tuned to the website as well because every week they'll post trick shots for you to do with your figures!

With over 100 Bonkazonks available, there's no limit to how you can collect and play. Check out the gallery here for a look at the figures in the first series!
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