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Fantastic Four Minimates From Diamond Select

The Fantastic Four are the foundation of Marvel Minimates Series 48!



Fantastic Four Minimates from Diamond Select
With fallen Fantastic Four member the Human Torch recently discovered alive and relatively well in the Negative Zone, Diamond Select Toys has decided to celebrate by making Marvel Minimates Series 48 their most fantastic assortment yet! Available only at comic shops and specialty stores, this series will feature three two-packs, plus one rare variant two-pack that will only be available one per case. With core FF members, old villains and a key supporting character, this will be one series of Minimates no FF fan should miss!

The minimate sets include Mr. Fantastic and the Puppet Master, "Flame On" Human Torch and Blastaar, The Invisible Woman and a Moloid, and Alicia Masters and a Moloid! Each Minimate stands two inches tall with 14 points of articulation. This assortment is only available at comic shops and specialty stores, so pre-order today!

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