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Hasbro Toys

Hasbro 2013 Iron Man 3 Figures

Toy Fair 2013 Iron Man 3 action figures!

By Joshua Sky

Marvel Legends Heroic Age Iron Man from Hasbro
Hey shell-heads! Get ready to suit up and blast off, as Hasbro unveils its invincible lineup of new toys for "Marvel’s Iron Man 3!"

Unmasked are the Assembler line of Iron Man 3 action figures featuring a new interchangeable armor system that can be swapped between figures to create hundreds of incredible combinations!

Iron Man Micro Muggs from Hasbro
Also coming are the Micro Mugs Action Figure Assortment, a series of 1.75 inch collectible figures for those who crave miniature highflying adventure, as well as the highly anticipated Iron Man 3 Marvel Legends 6-Inch figure line! Adding to the epiceness is the Titan Hero Series! Activating with a 12-inch Iron Man and Iron Patriot for giant-sized aerial action!

These toys will have Iron Man geared up in multiple suits spanning his armory, such as the Mark 42, Star Boost, Stealth Tech armors and many more! If that doesn’t have your pulsars charged, Stark’s virtuous allies and deadly nemeses will, with War Machine and Iron Monger just to name a few!
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