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Hasbro Toys

Hasbro 2013 Ultimate Spider-Man Figures

Toy Fair 2013 Ultimate Spider-Man action figures!

By Elaine Gomez

Rapid Fire Web Blast Spider-Man from Hasbro
Attention all Spidey fans! Hasbro has announced their Ultimate Spider-Man line for 2013! It is jammed packed with role-playing accesories, vehicles and two new features -- Power Webs: stretchable webs that help launch figures and vehicles at bigger lengths and Spider-Man Fighter Pods: micro-sized figures that can pack a mega-punch.

Figures across the line include Ultimate Spider-Man suited up in armors spanning the comic storyline, from the Iron Spider Suit to S.H.I.E.L.D. armor. Among the figures are two of Spider-Man’s most notorious foes: Venom and Doc Oc, as well as one of his allies, Nova. Make sure to check out Power Webs Crossbow Chaos Spider-Man. Powered by NERF, this figure's air-powered crossbow shoots darts up to 15 feet! For more, visit Hasbro.com!
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