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Hasbro Toys

Hasbro 2013 Wolverine Figures

Toy Fair 2013 Wolverine action figures!

Wolverine Figure from Hasbro
By Catarina Cowden

The end of the New York Toy Fair 2013 only marks the beginning of X-Men and Wolverine excitement. Hasbro announced the release of a number of new Wolverine action figure assortments and other fun accessories. Ranging in size and character, these figures are perfect for your collection. The Wolverine All-Stars assortment includes five 3.75 inch figures including Wolverine, Logan, and Silver Samurai! Get a bit bigger with the Wolverine 6-inch Legends featuring a larger line of X-Men characters including Wolverine, Cyclops, Phoenix Cyclops, Sabertooth, Emma, Rogue, and Puck. And don't forget the great Squash Claw Wolverine at 10-inches with a slashing motioned arm.

For those who want to live like a superhero, make sure to check out the Wolverine Hero Mask, Wolverine Nerf Foam Claw, and the Wolverine Electronic Claw. Put on your mask, let out your claws, and get ready for the ultimate Wolverine experience. For more, visit www.hasbro.com.
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