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Thor: The Dark World HeroClix Starter Set

Join in the adventure with this game based of the smash film!

"Thor: The Dark World" is the latest stand-alone expansion for the Marvel HeroClix miniatures tabletop game. Combining elements of strategy, collectibility, and unique gameplay, Marvel HeroClix brings all of your favorite Marvel Super-Heroes and Villains to life! "Thor: The Dark World" focuses on the pivotal characters from the latest Marvel movie blockbuster including fan-favorites like Loki, Sif, the Warriors Three, Odin and of course Thor!

      However, Malekith and the forces of Alfheim are not to be outdone by the heroes of Asgard, and fans will find the Dark Elves are ready to fight it out in the HeroClix arena as well! Marvel HeroClix: "Thor: The Dark World" is available now at your friendly local comic book and core hobby game stores.

      Find a store near you and join the fight today!

      Photos by Judy Stephens.



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