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Muckle Mannequins

Assemble with this Life-Size Captain America: The Winter Soldier Statue

Act fast to take home your very own leader of the Avengers from Section 9 Entertainment and Muckle Mannequins!

Marvel's "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" is the hottest film out right now and for the hardcore collector who needs more than just an action figure to commemorate the event, Section 9 Entertainment and Muckle Mannequins has you covered!

We spoke with Stephan Lokotsch, CEO of Section 9 Entertainment, US distributor of the life-size Captain America statue about the sculpting process, the texture of the statue and much more!

And if you act fast, the first 10 Marvel readers can save up to $1,000 on the statue! Visit here for more details!

Life-Size Captain America Statue

Marvel.com: How tall is Cap?

Stephan Lokotsch: Cap stands 76” tall, complete with base.

Marvel.com: Is working on a piece like Captain America where only part of the face is visible more or less difficult than creating a fully masked piece?

Stephan Lokotsch: It is absolutely more difficult to recreate a human likeness rather than a masked head. A human face has so many more subtle nuances than a mask and, especially in the case of a well known -- and therefore recognizable -- celebrity such as Chris Evans, the challenge is to meet the subconscious expectations of the viewer, who may not even be able to tell you what is wrong with it if you don't hit your target; but the brain will always recognize if it's off. This is why artistic license in a creature, robot or otherwise not all too familiar shape leaves a lot more freedom for interpretation. Marc Klinnert, from Studio Oxmox, who created the concept and the prototype for our Captain, tried to match him as closely as possible and we hope fans will be pleased with the result.

Life-Size Captain America Statue

Marvel.com: When it comes to the actual sculpting process, do you utilize digital or traditional methods?

Stephan Lokotsch: It is often a combination of the two (Iron Man being the exception), particularly when dealing with organic shapes. Even if you have a 3D printout, the sculptor often has to finesse it by hand. In case of the Captain, we didn’t use a 3D print for the body and only used a 3D print of a basic head scan which, in the end, had to be re-sculpted in clay as well as the 3D file was somehow deformed.

The digital end product is an incredibly helpful tool to create a base that is extremely close to what you see on screen in terms of proportion and overall shape, but in the end you will have to rely on the hand-sculpting skills of the sculptor to finish and prepare the statue for serial production by Muckle Mannequins.

Marvel.com: When working on a piece like this, do you have access to some of the actual digital files created by the special effects houses? 

Stephan Lokotsch: Luckily, we have been provided with 3D files, so yes, but they are mostly basic scans of the character with low polygons so not really useable for 3D prints. Most important were the real turn-around pictures of the actor and the suit. That said, while on a hard surface piece like Iron Man, it is essentially a solution that can get you from A-Z a more organic statue, such as Cap, is more suitable for traditional sculpting.  

Marvel.com: Cap's uniform looks like it has a very specific texture to it. Does that come from sculpting, materials or both?

Stephan Lokotsch: Both: real cloth and a lot of sculpting. It took a lot of measuring to get as close as possible to the real suit and the shield. It has not been easy, because no real measurements of the real suit were available at the time. 

Life-Size Captain America Statue

Marvel.com: Is the pose something taken directly from the movie or was it more inspired by the film?

Stephan Lokotsch: Muckle Mannequins provided the reference material for Studio Oxmox. Marc from Studio Oxmox created the concept design for the statue, which was approved by the Licensing Department. They tried to find a pose that would reflect a pose you would end up seeing Cap in during the film.

Marvel.com: The shield looks spot on, can I pull it off and throw it around my place?

Stephan Lokotsch: Ha! That would be a problem because the shield is connected to the arm and made out of fiberglass. This connection is actually a good example of a solution that is necessary for serial production and for safety as well. Imagine someone in a public place trying to remove the shield by pulling it off the statue. If it could slip off easily the person could cause a lot of damage in the process, but because it is securely connected it’s not possible to remove the arm and shield without the proper tools.

The plan is that later the customer will have a choice between two versions of the shield: one traditional and one distressed version, as seen in the poster campaign that is essentially devoid of the red coloring.

For more information on the statue, click here!

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internetfreak69 plus member

Man if I can sneak this past the wife,, I`d be Baallliinnn`!!!!!!!


Cool is the shield metal does it come off ???


A life size statue of captain America wow!!! That's EPIC. If I had the $$$ I definitely would order 1 sadly I don't have that kind of $$$ :(


So wait, they made 'mass produced' full sized mannequins, but EFX has yet to finish the Avengers Cap Shield? Marvel take the license away from EFX and give it to a company like this. Great work.