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6 Reasons You Need Your Own Infinity Gauntlet at SDCC 2014

If you're going to San Diego Comic-Con, here are the top six reasons to pick up the Infinity Gauntlet from Hasbro!

By: Craig Tello

Hasbro is throwing down the Gauntlet at San Diego Comic-Con 2014. The crown jewel of the toymaker’s Marvel offerings at the massive summer mega-event is a set boasting a wearable Infinity Gauntlet, straight from the pages of the definitive Thanos epic by Jim Starlin.

6 Reasons You Need Your Own Infinity Gauntlet

The gemmed golden glove is essentially a cosmic fan’s dream come true and it comes complete with exclusive 3.75” figures of Thanos (with his own mini-Gauntlet), an all-new Lady Death (no need to kill half the universe to impress this one!) plus the first-time figures of Starfox and Nebula (Thanos’ brother and granddaughter, respectively). Yes, it’s like a Mad Titan family reunion-meets-“Thanos, This is Your Life,” but the best part has to be the joy that awaits you once you slide your paw into the human-size, foam Infinity Gauntlet itself.

Since I first saw Thanos use it to annihilate… well, name any Marvel character from the early 90's… I’ve waited to don the Gauntlet myself, and I’ve got six reasons -- one per gem -- you need to be in line behind me for one (or more) of your own in San Diego.

1) This is the first time a wearable Infinity Gauntlet has ever been made since the weapon’s comics debut in 1991.

      2) Instant godhood in Rock, Paper, Scissors. Just dare someone to throw scissors.

          3) The comfy foam fist can be used to backfill that one missing glove from last winter.

              4) You’ll be able to bro-up like a Titan and show your equally geeky best friend some love with an Infinite fist-bump. And if you both snare a set, you’ll execute the ultimate cosmic pound. Respect, respect.

                  5) You can leverage your gloved virtual omnipotence to safely mitigate the latest random skirmish between your two (or more) cats … including one named Galactus (pictured, right).

                          6) The prestige of the Gauntlet. Only a handful of characters have ever worn it in Marvel lore, namely Thanos, Adam Warlock, Magus, Iron Man, Mr. Fantastic, Dr. Doom, Captain America and Nebula, who's also available in this SDCC set. Go ahead and add your name to that short list.

                              And just because the Gauntlet transcends all rules, here are a few more reasons you can’t miss Hasbro’s hyper-rad exclusive. Meaning this six-piece list just became nine. Need Mind gem. Explosion imminent.

                              • You can uniquely complement your previously released Hulk Hand with an even mightier knuckled duke.

                                  • You'll be able to recreate the sickest panels from the original six-issue series.

                                          • You’ll finally complete your Thanos cosplay just in time for the theatrical release of Marvel's blockbuster cosmic film, "Guardians of the Galaxy." (What else would you wear to the theater? A raccoon mask?!)

                                              Available at Hasbro booth 3213 at San Diego Comic-Con 2014, with a limited quantity available after the convention at HasbroToyShop.com, the exclusive Infinity Gauntlet set is $74.99. And, if the most powerful weapon in the universe isn’t enough, be sure to get your gloved hand on the Marvel Legends Infinite Series 6-inch exclusive set based on THE THANOS IMPERATIVE, featuring Black Bolt, Medusa, Gladiator, Star-Lord and Blastaar. Prepare for perhaps the most cosmic Comic-Con ever!




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                                              Good luck getting this and any other exclusive at Comic Con2014 from Mattel. Both security and Mattel employees are obnoxious as hell and some of them do "favors" for eBay sellers and others who hand them some green. Shoot, you can see the items already on sale at eBay for 4 and 5 times the already rip off price. Both Mattel, Hasbro, and Lego have ruined Comic Con.


                                              I would take over the universe if i had the infinity Gauntlet


                                              I would take that Thanos and Death figures along with an Adam Warlock one.

                                              jloder240 plus member

                                              As much as I would love to have this item, here's the #1 and only reason I do not need my own Infinity Gauntlet: Hasbro is charging $75 for four happy meal toys and a foam fist.  


                                              @jloder240 You got that right. Add in snotty Comic Con Security, Mattel employees, and scalpers who show some green to get their stuff via back door shenanigans and you have a recipe for a crummy, stressful time at the convention.