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Award-Winning Lines Goes "Upscale" to Pay Tribute to Icons of the Marvel Universe!

NEW YORK, NY -- Toy Biz continues to showcase the greatest legends of the Marvel Universe in meticulous detail as it adds all new products to their highly successful, award-winning Marvel Legends line. The tradition of expert sculpting and vivid detail continues, but in great new interpretations of fan favorites. In 2006, Toy Biz rolls out the red carpet for inaugural lines of Marvel Legends Icons and Masterworks. Marvel Legends Icons are towering 12" figures, faithfully and artistically rendered to give the most life-like, realistic representation of the characters fans know and love. Marvel Legends Masterworks also makes its debut, bringing famous covers to life in beautiful dioramas. 2006 will also bring several new "Build-a-figure" bonus assortments, including the Apocalypse and the Bring on the Bad Guys Series. And fans can pit classic archenemies against one another with the new Face-Off twinpacks. Marvel Legends products suggested retail price begins at $7.99 and up. Icons Ages 5+, SRP $14.99 Super articulated to heighten the sense of power and flexibility, these mammoth Marvel Heroes look as good in the collector's box as they do in action. Just place them on their display base with hyper- action stand and fans can replicate their Super Hero's favorite poses! Adding to the authenticity, Toy Biz has included an exclusive, character-dedicated book: Evolution of an Icon, which contains a full of history of each character, stats, must-read issues and more. • Assortment 1 (July 2006) - Captain America - Iron Man - Wolverine More Marvel Legends Icons slated for Fall 2006. Masterworks Ages 5+, SRP $14.99 The newest addition to the Marvel Legends' line literally jumps off the page and into your hands! These Marvel Legends Masterworks represent some of the most dynamic, most famous scenes or covers ever published in Marvel Comics. Presented in dramatic 3D dioramas, each meticulously and faithfully sculpted scene lets you relive time and time again the more memorable panels or cover art of your all-time favorite book. Included with each piece is a comic book featuring the cover or scene depicted in the diorama. Get them all and round out your own stunning collection today! • Assortment 1 (August 2006) - Fantastic Four - Spider-Man More Marvel Legends Masterworks slated for Fall 2006. Face-Off Ages 5+, SRP $14.99 Toy Biz offers fans the ability to recreate some of the most fearsome battles ever staged when they get hold of any of the Marvel Legends Face Off! Every package contains two super-articulated, 6" versions of legendary opponents and special display bases that allow you to position the figures in any number of mid-air battle poses. Also included is a comic book that illustrates the two characters in one of their infamous match-ups! For high-flying fun and adventure, collect all the Marvel Legends Face Off packs today! Components: • Kingpin Vs. Daredevil • Hulk Vs. Leader • Captain America Vs. Red Skrull 6" Action Figures Ages 5+, SRP $7.99 The 2006 Marvel Legends action figure line is more value-packed than ever. With the same expert sculpting and decoration that fans have come to expect, this highly collectible brand continues to push the envelope on poseability, boasting over 40 points of articulation in each 6" figure. Each package includes a 6" figure and a full-page comic or poster book, plus in-pack bonuses. • Apocalypse Series (January 2006) This series offers great value, continuing with the "Build-a-figure" bonus that gives fans a special deluxe figure when they collect the entire assortment of 6" figures, this time, Apocalypse. - Astonishing X-Men Wolverine - Maestro Hulk - Bishop - X-23 - Iron Fist - Sasquatch • Bring on the Bad Guys Series (March 2006) This series will help collectors build up their army of villains! Each package includes an iconic Marvel villain, a diorama backdrop and an exclusive Marvel Vs. variant card. As an added bonus, collect all 6 figures and build your own 8" Onslaught, the greatest threat the X-Men have ever faced! - Green Goblin - Loki - Blackheart - Pyro - Abomination - Lady Death Strike More Marvel Legends 6" Figures are slated for Fall 2006. Marvel Legends Showdown Ages 5+, SRP $7.99+ Marvel Super Heroes go head-to-head in a contest of strength, poseability and strategy. 4" Superposeable action figures battle one another using power bases, attack poses, projectiles, power cards and battle tiles. Marvel Legends Showdown features enhanced action figure play through guided battles and multiple levels of play for long lasting appeal to a wide demographic range. Starter Sets (Currently Available, Ages 5+, SRP $14.99) Includes everything needed to start a battle, including: Two 4" superposeable action figures; 2 character-dedicated power bases; complete instruction book; 2 projectiles; dice; 6 power cards; 12 battle tiles - Wolverine Vs. Hulk - The Thing Vs. Spider-Man Battle Booster Set (January 2006, Ages 5+, SRP $7.99) Enables fans to build their collection of warriors and expand their battles. Includes: 4" Superposeable action figure; character-dedicated power base; 1 projectile shooter; 6 power cards; 1 battle tile. Assortment 1: - Black Costume Spider-Man - Doc Ock - Ghost Rider - Punisher - Berserker Wolverine Assortment 2: - Iron Man - Human Torch - Dr. Doom - Captain America - Spider-Sense Spider-Man Riders Set (August 2006, Ages 5+, SRP $14.99) Just when you think you've seen all the action of a raucous Marvel Legends Showdown match, we've gone and added a whole new layer to the action! That's because every action figure in this Marvel Legends Showdown Riders Set comes equipped with his signature mode of transportation that can be incorporated in your Showdown battle! Choose from Ghost Rider and Vengeance, Logan and his Chopper, or Namor and his Hammerhead Shark and set sail into a whole new level of play! Each set includes 1 projectile shooter, 6 power cards, and 1 battle tile are included with each 4" fully articulated figure and their ride. The battle's on - buckle up and get ready for this awesome ride! - Ghost Rider and Vengeance - Logan and Chopper - Namor and Hammerhead Shark New Marvel Legends Showdown sets are slated for Fall 2006. ### About Marvel Entertainment, Inc. With a library of over 5,000 characters, Marvel Entertainment, Inc. - formerly known as Marvel Enterprises, Inc. - is one of the world's most prominent character-based entertainment companies. Marvel's operations are focused on utilizing its character franchises in licensing, entertainment, publishing and toys. Areas of emphasis include feature films, DVD/home video, consumer products, video games, action figures and role-playing toys, television and promotions. Rooted in the creative success of over sixty years of comic book publishing, Marvel's strategy is to leverage its character franchises in a growing array of opportunities around the world. More information about Marvel can be found on the company's World Wide Web site, which is located at www.marvel.com FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Jeffrey Klein/Ann Hinshaw/Karen Silberg/Callie Burrows Jennifer Pagliuca Dan Klores Communications Toy Biz 212-685-4300 212-576-4000 Jeff_Klein@dkcnews.com jpagliuca@marvel.com Ann_Hinshaw@dkcnews.com Karen_Silberg@dkcnews.com Callie_Burrows@dkcnews.com Toy Biz, a division of MARVEL ENTERTAINMENT, INC. TM and © 2006 Marvel Entertainment, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Marvel, and related characters names and the distinctive likenesses thereof are trademarks of Marvel Characters, Inc. TM & © 2006 Marvel Characters, Inc. All rights reserved. Super Hero(es) is a co-owned registered trademark



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