NEW YORK, NY- In 2006, the Marvel Mega Morphs series from Toy Biz will explode into the marketplace with the introduction of two new action figure assortments featuring Super Hero favorites Spider-Man, Wolverine, Doc Ock, Captain America, Incredible Hulk and Ghost Rider. The sets include deluxe Super Hero assault bots that are powered by Super Heroes and have the ability to transform into powerful attack vehicles. Two assortments are currently available at retail and Toy Biz will continue to expand their Mega Morphs product line in Fall 2006. Details of the new Mega Morphs product lines are as follows: Each unique 8" Mega Morph comes with a 2" articulated Super Hero and can transform into futuristic transport vehicles based on specific Super Hero's powers. The Super Heroes can unlock only their own Mega Morph using the included Mega Power Pack. These Power Packs activate weapons and features in both robot and vehicle mode. A dedicated mini-comic is included that explains how Tony Stark (aka Iron Man) created the robots for each Super Hero and their ongoing battles against Doc Ock, who has stolen the blue prints to build his own Mega Morph. Marvel Mega Morphs 8" Figure Asst. 1 Currently Available, SRP $14.99 - Spidey-Bot morphs into Arachno-Fighter, with Web Net Launcher and Missile Firing Action! - Wolvy-Bot morphs into Aero-Slasher, with Pop-out Claws and Rapid-Fire Missiles! - Ock-Bot morphs into Octo-Copter, with Missile Launcher and Claw Grabbing Action! Marvel Mega Morphs 8" Figure Asst. 2 Currently Available, SRP $14.99 - Cap-Bot morphs into Warbird, with Spinning Propeller and Disk Launching Action! - Ghost-Bot morphs into Street Blazer, with Flame Missiles and Disk Launching Action! - Hulk-Bot morphs into Rage Tank, with Cannon and Rapid-Fire Missile Action! ### About Marvel Entertainment, Inc. With a library of over 5,000 characters, Marvel Entertainment, Inc. is one of the world's most prominent character-based entertainment companies. Marvel's operations are focused on utilizing its character franchises in licensing, entertainment, publishing and toys. Areas of emphasis include feature films, DVD/home video, consumer products, video games, action figures and role-playing toys, television and promotions. Rooted in the creative success of over sixty years of comic book publishing, Marvel's strategy is to leverage its character franchises in a growing array of opportunities around the world. More information about Marvel can be found on the company's World Wide Web site, which is located at FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Jeffrey Klein/Ann Hinshaw/Karen Silberg/Callie Burrows Jennifer Pagliuca Dan Klores Communications Toy Biz 212-685-4300 212-576-4000 Toy Biz, a division of MARVEL ENTERTAINMENT, INC. TM and © 2006 Marvel Entertainment, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Marvel, and related characters names and the distinctive likenesses thereof are trademarks of Marvel Characters, Inc. TM & © 2006 Marvel Characters, Inc. All rights reserved. Super Hero(es) is a co-owned registered trademark

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