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Hulk HeroClix: The Best of the Best

HeroClix Lead Designer Seth Johnson shares his favorite Hulk HeroClix

Over the last six years, WizKids has released more than 20 different Hulks for players to bring to the Marvel HeroClix battlefield. Different players might have different favorites, but here are my Top Five favorite versions of the Hulk in Marvel HeroClix. -- Seth Johnson, HeroClix Lead Designer


Hulk (Uncommon; Marvel HeroClix: Infinity Challenge #060) The Hulk made his first appearance as a HeroClix figure in the very first Marvel HeroClix release back in 2004, bursting out of puny Banner's clothes and standing atop a similarly explosive dial. He starts out as Banner and needs to be pushed into battle, but while some characters the battlefield get weaker as they get hit by their foes, the more they hit Hulk, the stronger and more dangerous he becomes! He may be one of the first figures, but he's still one of the best Hulks.

Zombie Hulk

Zombie Hulk (Marvel HeroClix: Limited Edition; Supernova #223) When HeroClix players opened boosters of the Marvel HeroClix: Supernova expansion in 2006, a lucky few were surprised to find that the set had been invaded by the Marvel Zombies. Not least of these was the zombie Hulk, and I love how his strength and fury are paired with the Steal Energy power that lets him feed upon those he beats upon-turning the thickest part of the fray into an all-Hulk-can-eat buffet and helping him survive one tough HeroClix battle after another.

Ultimate Hulk

Ultimate Hulk (Super Rare; Avengers #055) The Ultimate Hulk first appeared in HeroClix back in the Ultimates expansion, but returned with a vengeance in 2007's Avengers. No Banner getting in the way this time-the Ultimate Hulk comes onto the battlefield already roaring toward full strength, with near-peak attack and damage values (though they get even higher later on his dial!) and the power to use Quake to mess up whole crowds of his enemies at once.

Rampaging Hulk

Rampaging Hulk (Limited Edition, Mutations and Monsters #062) HeroClix players who showed up to play in a special event at their local shops in late 2007 got a free Rampaging Hulk figure, one of the best Hulks ever released for the game. First, take a minute to check out the amazing sculpt, the Hulk smashing up the battlefield and sending debris flying. His dial does the same thing, with a special power that takes into account the collateral damage caused by Hulk's smashing and brings in tokens that the Rampaging Hulk can pick up and use as weapons! Charging around the battlefield, picking up boulders and hot dog carts and chucking them at the puny humans who just won't leave him alone...that's the Hulk I know and love.

Green Scar

Green Scar (Uncommon, Mutations and Monsters #033) Marvel's epic Planet Hulk deserved an equally epic Hulk figure, so when characters from the tale came to HeroClix in the Mutations and Monsters expansion, the Green Scar led the way. At 230 points, the Green Scar is the most expensive Hulk to bring to the battlefield, but he brings a terrifying amount of power with him. He can use his King Hulk power to help bring his Warbound allies into battle, but most of the time he'll be leading by example, using his Smash special power to leap far into enemy lines and tear them apart with epic-level attack, defense, and damage down much of his dial. Other Hulks may be strong, but the Green Scar is just plain mean. He's definitely the Hulk I want on my side...because the alternative is just plain scary.
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