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Toy Fair 2009

Toy Fair 2009: 3-3/4-inch Action Figures

Small Figures, Big Action

Hasbro's mastery of 3-3/4-inch action figures has expanded into the Marvel Comics universe! Marvel Universe 3-3/4-INCH action figures are sure to delight diehard and casual fans alike. Collect a huge assortment of figures from Spider-Man and X-Force Wolverine to Daredevil and Ultimate Captain America to 34 single-pack figures throughout 2009, each featuring exceptional articulation and poseability, as well as unique accessories and their own "top secret" file card. The all-new Marvel Universe line is beautifully detailed, highly articulated and features a wide variety of super heroes from Marvel's rich history of comic books. Download episodes of "X-Men: Evolution" now on iTunes! Check out the official Marvel Shop for the best mighty Marvel merchandise!
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      NO! the 3.75" are taking over! Where are the 6"? Where have they gone!


      where can i buy wave 1 at i think they can dark reigin actoin figers tooor ultm


      When are they going to make a Hyperion action figure!!!??? :sad: On a side note; Hyperion needs to be in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2!!!