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Toy Fair 2009

Toy Fair 2009: Spider-Man

Hasbro releases new Spider-Man action figures!

Hasbro brings you all access to the world of the Web Crawler! He can scuba dive! He can fly a helicopter! And with the right equipment, you can become Spider-Man yourself! The 2009 action figure line-up featuring heroes and villains from "Spectacular Spider-Man: The Animated Series" and more! Grab yourself a Web Blaster as soon as you can, 'cause you never know when Venom might be creepin' around your neighborhood.

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      The Juggernaut action figure is beast. I gotta start watching this show!


      Yow. Hasbro really stepped up their game. The Spectacular Spidey second wave is looking amazingly show acurate. Kick ass translation of Cheek's designs. That Venom and Vulture look sweet.


      Why do action figures ship so late to my country, the Philippines? They only arrive here five months after their offical release date? :(( Can I expect to get my hands on that Juggernaut???