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Spider-Man 3 Ooze Attack Action Figures

What is the secret of the ooze? Find out with these killer toys, featuring plenty of Spidey vs. villain action! Spider-Man versus Venom Symbiote This Shoot 'N Punch Spider-Man comes with Venom and a Venom ooze canister. New Goblin with Sand Compound Canister Made mighty by the incredible green gas his father invented, and driven mad by rage and betrayal, Harry Osborn has become the New Goblin in New York City. His ultimate goal is the destruction of Spider-Man but anyone who gets in his way will fall prey to his pumpkin bombs as well, and that includes the almost indestructible Sandman! Get ready for awesome Sandman battling action with this super-detailed action figure. Create a giant sand hammer on the attack arm figure. Then trigger the smashing attack arm to slam the New Goblin! Sandman figure comes with canister of sand compound, sand hammer, attack arm and Spider-Man peel-off sticker. Venom with Web Ooze canister This vile Venom comes with a canister of Venom Web Ooze and a peel off sticker. Spider-Man 3 Hammer Attack Sandman versus Spider-Man Nothing can stand in Flint Marko's way! As the powerful Sandman, he is nearly invulnerable to damage, and incredibly strong. He is able to change the density of the sand that makes up his body to turn his arms into steel-hard weapons or disappear in the blink of an eye like dust in the wind. A single blow from his mighty arms can turn concrete into powder. One messed up dodge by Spider-Man, and it's over for the web slinger! Get ready for battle action with these two super-detailed action figures. Fill Sandman's chest cavity with the included sand compound. Then punch it out for battle damage! You can even wind Sandman's torso and release it for spinning sand-hammer attack action! Blast back at Sandman with Spider-Man and his two web missiles! Spider-Man and Sandman figures come with 2 web balls, street-sign "disguise", canister of sand compound and Spider-Man peel-off sticker. Get educated on the rest of Hasbro's Spider-Man toy bonanza and be sure to check out our Spider-Man Hub for everything you could want to know about the Web-Slinger!



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