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Spider-Man Toys

Potato Head Spidey, Spi-Dog and more!

Check out the a bevy of Hasbro's Spider-Man toys, from Spider-Spud to Spi-Dog, these toys are great for kids of all ages! Mr. Potato Head Spider-Spud When a radioactive spider bit Peter Parker Potato, he became SPIDER SPUD! With eyes for trouble, this web slinger uses his starch-strength to mash out evil and save the day! Dress the potato you love as your friendly neighborhood SPIDER SPUD hero or Peter Parker Potato! You can even mix and match all the parts to create your own wacky looks! Includes parts to make Peter Parker Potato! Spider-Man 3 Electronic Web Blaster Help save the day with this friendly neighborhood electronic web blaster! Strap the blaster on to your wrist and load a web onto the blaster. Then, pull the web back and release to launch it! Electronic web-slinging sounds add to the fun, while the include belt clip keeps the extra ammo at your fingertips! Blaster comes with belt clip and 6 far-flying webs. Deluxe Spinning Web Blaster Get ready for your friendly neighborhood target practice with this electronic 2-in-1 blaster. The spinning blaster lets you create incredible webs with Web Fluid, while the spinning water tank sprays awesome spirals of water! Blaster comes with 1 five-ounce can of triple stream Web Fluid, adjustable blaster holder and water tank. Requires 3 AA Batteries, not included Warning: Contains under Pressure. Do Not Puncture or incinerate. Do Not Expose to Heat or Store at Temperatures above 120 Degrees. Do Not Spray on Open Flame or Any Hot Stoves or Light Bulbs. Do Not Leave in Direct Sunlight or Store in a Hot Vehicle. Heat can Cause Can to Burst Violently. Do Not Spray in Eyes or Face. Do not Ingest String. USE ONLY AS DIRECTED. Adult Supervision Required. Non-Toxic. Non-Flammable. Not Recommended for Indoor Use. Caution: Do Not Spray on Walls, Floors, Clothing, Furniture, or Vinyl as string may stain certain types of surfaces and fabrics. Spi-Dog What looks like a spider but rocks like a dog? Meet SPI-DOG--the little dog with BIG sound! When it's not fighting crime, this heroic webbed wonder digs your music--rock, punk, rap, hip-hop, dance, techno, and more. Its mood and personality change, depending on your music and how often you play with it! Just plug it in to your music player (not included) to "feed" this super-pooch your music and listen to it play your tunes through a built-in speaker or your headphones. Webbed out and ready to rock, SPI-DOG saves the day with expressive lights, movements, and sounds! SPI-DOG works with most portable and non-portable electronic audio devices. Plus he easily connects to any standard headphone jack with the included dual-plug cable. Get educated on the rest of Hasbro's Spider-Man toy bonanza and be sure to check out our Spider-Man Hub for everything you could want to know about the Web-Slinger!



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