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Spider-Man Classic Action Figures

Check out the full line-up and details for Hasbro's Spider-Man Classic Action Figures line. Doctor Octopus with 2 Tentacle Arm Attack Greedy, crazed and hungry for revenge, Doctor Octopus turns his evil super genius and adamantium tentacles on the heroic Spider-Man. He's sick of being embarrassed by the web-slinger's foolish intrusions on his plans. This time, nothing will stop him from crushing the wall-crawler like the bug he is. Collectible figure is super detailed and features grabbing tentacle-attack action! Figure comes with a peel-off Spider-Man sticker. Poison Blast Scorpion Hired by J. Jonah Jameson to track Spider-Man®, Mac Gargan subjected himself to the genetic experiments that changed him into the sinister Scorpion. With incredible strength and reflexes faster even than the web slinger himself, Scorpion wields his club-like tail with punishing power. Even when Spider-Man manages to leap out of the way, he still has to worry about being blindsided by a blast of stinging poison! Collectible figure is super detailed and features a water-shooting tail! Figure comes with a peel-off Spider-Man sticker. Rhino with Head Ram Attack Enhanced to an amazing degree by genetic manipulation and gamma radiation treatments, Rhino can lift nearly 80 tons and run at almost 100 miles per hour! His armored rhino suit is made to smash through almost anything and can resist the impact of small missiles and artillery shells, making him nearly invulnerable to anything Spider-Man® can dish out. Rhino is a simple thug just in the super villain game for the money, but you'd be surprised how much money you can make by knocking Spider-Man through a building. Collectible figure is super detailed and features head smash-attack action! The signpost weapon fits in Scorpion's hand! Figure comes with a peel-off Spider-Man sticker. Green Goblin Norman Osborn lives for his work. Driven by desperate circumstances to test an experimental super soldier formula on himself, he finds himself suddenly imbued with superhuman strength and resistance to damage, but at a terrible price. His mind is turned completely to evil by the corrupting chemical infusion, and he becomes the nasty Green Goblin. Obsessed with the destruction of Spider-Man, he'll stop at nothing to bring the wall crawler down! Collectible figure is super detailed and comes with an awesome bomb-dropping battle glider! Figure comes with glider, 2 pumpkin bombs and a peel-off Spider-Man sticker. Kraven Sergei Kravinov is a master of the hunt. Thanks to a mysterious potion, Kraven possesses superhuman strength and speed, which he uses to capture the most elusive of prey. His new powers are complemented by a superior intelligence and an exhaustive knowledge of the world's most obscure and dangerous poisons and traps. Upon realizing that the world's most fearsome beasts were no challenge, he began to hunt a more formidable subject - Spider-Man. Collectible figure is super detailed and features bullwhip-swinging action, and comes with a komodo dragon figure! Figure comes with whip, machete, Komodo dragon figure and a peel-off Spider-Man sticker! Lizard The terrible Lizard has returned to stalk the streets and sewers of New York City. As deadly as the repugnant reptile's claws, teeth and tail are, he is rendered even more dangerous to Spider-Man by who he is - the alternate identity of the wall crawler's good friend Dr. Curt Connors. Unable to master his change into the sibilant super villain, he goes on a rampage whenever his emotions get the best of him. It's up to Spider-Man to figure out how to stop the Lizard without harming his friend. Collectible figure is super detailed and features slashing tail-smash action! Figure comes with web-cuffs, web-muzzle and a peel-off Spider-Man sticker. Get educated on the rest of Hasbro's Spider-Man toy bonanza and be sure to check out our Spider-Man Hub for everything you could want to know about the Web-Slinger!
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