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Animated Exclusive

Animation Exclusive: WXM Forge

Take a look at some exclusive images of Forge from "Wolverine and the X-Men."

Can't wait for the next episode of your favorite Marvel Animated Series? Fear not, True Believers, because Marvel.com is here to alleviate your animation addiction with never before seen content from Wolverine and the X-Men, Iron Man: Armored Adventures and The Super Hero Squad Show!

Tune in to Marvel.com every day for brand new EXCLUSIVE screenshots, concept art, storyboards, style guides and more!


Witness Marvel's mightiest mutants fighting evil and stomping bad guys in the animated series "Wolverine and the X-Men" Fridays at 8 p.m. ET on Nicktoons.

Until then, check out some exclusive images from "Wolverine and the X-Men:"




Marvel.com brings you this very early "work in progress"  artwork of Forge, the X-Men's main engineer. Brainstorming costume ideas is just a small scratch on the surface of each character.






This final version line drawing of Forge portrays the character's personality and skills, with a smirk on his face and all the gadgets that come with being the main engineer for the X-Men.








In "Wolverine and the X-Men," Forge delivers the engineering power behind many of the team's important technological advancements, including their prized X-Jet, the Blackbird.




Also, we want to know what you think about the ol' canucklehead and his friends, so after you check out these awesome concept shots, don't forget to chime in on our "Wolverine and the X-Men" discussion, just login below and here is a topic to consider:

1. In what "Wolverine and the X-Men" episode does Forge go on his first mission with the X-Men?


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Ugh, as if Marvel doesn't treat Forge bad enough, now they have to water down his intelligence and make him the goofy comic relief character. But I guess I should be glad he's in the cartoon at all. But when will Forge come into his own? When will his shaman powers finally be fully explored? Everyone makes fun of his mutant power, so why isn't he using it to his advantage? Make his hand/leg a weapon... shh, make it a DIFFERENT weapon everyday! I'm tired of seeing him misused.Don't wanna sound too whiney - besides Forge's treatment, Rogue's horrible hair, and the fact that Storm LEADS the X-Men but can only seem to get off one frickin hit before she's knocked out IN EVERY FIGHT, this IS the best incarnation of my favorite characters.


forge cool and it was episode fifteen