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Animated Exclusive

Animation Exclusive: Mandarin & Ep 22 Preview

Check out some never-before-seen concept art and a preview to tonight's episode of "Iron Man: Armored Adventures"!

Boy-genius Tony Stark dons the Iron Man armor again to battle evildoers in the nineteenth episode of "Iron Man: Armored Adventures." Be there to watch "Man and Iron Man" tonight at 7 p.m. ET on Nicktoons, but before you do check out the synopsis and some stills courtesy of Marvel.com.

Tony finally convinces Rhodey to take the Iron Man armor out for a spin, with disastrous results. Rhodey is terrible at flying and abandons the armor, only to have the worst person on Earth find it:  HAPPY HOGAN. Happy puts on the armor, only to fall right into a Maggia plot that could destroy the city.  Now Tony and Happy have to work together to save the city, all while Tony tries to get Happy out of the armor without blowing his secret identity. Plus:  Rhodey versus TRAFFIC!

Also, check out some exclusive character concept pieces featuring The Mandarin:


In the first episode of "Iron Man: Armored Adventures," Mandarin’s runaway train fails to destroy Stark Industries. He sits in his lair and plots the next evil plan to get his Makluan ring back.







The purple ring shown in this screen grab is one of five Makluan rings. Each ring possesses a definite power representing fire, earth, wind, air and the legendary fifth element.







Check out these very early concepts of what the Mandarin’s suite could have potentially looked like. The Mandarin suit is created by the power of the rings; it disappears and appears around Gene Khan at his will. The suit also alters his voice into deep and unrecognizable tones.




Iron Man Armored Adventures: Vol. 1 DVD Cover

Plus, get the first Blu-ray Disc and DVD compilation of "Iron Man: Armored Adventures" in stores right now! Volume 1 includes the first six episodes of the massively popular series:

“Iron, Forged In Fire’ Part One”
“Iron, Forged In Fire’ Part Two”
“Secrets and Lies”
“Cold War”
“Iron Man vs. The Crimson Dynamo”

Launched earlier this year and currently airing on Nicktoons, "Iron Man: Armored Adventures" holds the record for the highest-rated original series premiere on Nicktoons Network. "Entertainment Weekly" raved that "Iron Man: Armored Adventures" possesses “smart writing and stellar CG butt-kickery.”


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