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Iron Man: Armored Adventures Animated Series

Iron Man: Armored Adventures Ep 24 Preview

Take a look at the preview to tonight's episode of "Iron Man: Armored Adventures"!

Boy-genius Tony Stark dons the Iron Man armor again to battle evildoers in the nineteenth episode of "Iron Man: Armored Adventures." Be there to watch "Man and Iron Man" tonight at 7 p.m. ET on Nicktoons, but before you do check out the synopsis and some stills courtesy of Marvel.com.

Whitney Stane is very, very sick and Obadiah Stane calls the one person who may be able to save his daughter:  Tony Stark.  Tony realizes that a cure exists... but it’s in an abandoned Stark facility in the arctic—in the dead of winter.  And while Iron Man secretly goes to retrieve the cure, Stane takes matters into his own hands... he thaws out Blizzard and forces him to go as well.  But nothing’s ever simple with Stane OR Blizzard, and Iron Man’s about to be caught between the two of them, while Whitney’s life hangs in the balance.

Iron Man Armored Adventures: Vol. 1 DVD Cover

Plus, get the first Blu-ray Disc and DVD compilation of "Iron Man: Armored Adventures" in stores right now! Volume 1 includes the first six episodes of the massively popular series:

“Iron, Forged In Fire’ Part One”
“Iron, Forged In Fire’ Part Two”
“Secrets and Lies”
“Cold War”
“Iron Man vs. The Crimson Dynamo”

Launched earlier this year and currently airing on Nicktoons, "Iron Man: Armored Adventures" holds the record for the highest-rated original series premiere on Nicktoons Network. "Entertainment Weekly" raved that "Iron Man: Armored Adventures" possesses “smart writing and stellar CG butt-kickery.”


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      What the hell. She loses her it all the way back to like, the beginning. That's really lame. What a crappy development.