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First airing on the ABC television network in 1967, the series revolves around the scientific-minded teenager Peter Parker who, after being bitten by a radioactive spider, develops amazing strength and spider-like powers. He decides to become a crime-fighting, costumed super hero; all the while dealing with his personal problems and the insecurities resulting from being a teenager!

"The Winged Thing:" The Vulture is back in town and he's spreading fear across the city in hopes that the fear created will lead to his eventual rule! Refusing to let this happen to his beloved city, Spider-Man sets out to capture the Vulture and put him away once and for all. But are the two too evenly matched for Spider-Man to win? Will the Vulture finally outsmart the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man?

"Conners' Reptiles:" J. Jonah Jameson sends Peter Parker to the Florida everglades to cover a developing story about Dr. Conners' new serum that increases reptile intelligence. When he arrives, Spider-Man finds out that Dr. Conners has been kidnapped by one of his creations!

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