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Animated Exclusive: Black Panther/Black Knight

Check out exclusive art featuring the Black Knight and Black Panther!



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There are some places you just don’t mess with. Wakanda is one of them. And airing now on ABC3 Australia, "The Black Panther Animated Series" will show you why!

Deep in the heart of Africa lies Wakanda, an advanced and unconquerable civilization. A family of warrior-kings possessing superior speed, strength and agility has governed this mysterious nation as long as time itself. The latest in this famed line is young King T'Challa, the great hero known worldwide as the Black Panther.

Check out these exclusive images featuring the Black Panther and the Black Knight!:



This early rendering of the Black Knight offers a glimpse of one of the Black Panther’s epic archenemies. With an enormous lance and a flying horse, he isn’t one to cross...unless you’re the Black Panther, of course!






A bit of history surrounding the Black Panther can be seen in this excerpt from the comic series. With stunning visuals and a unique, mature art style, BLACK PANTHER is an enjoyable and thrilling read.






Cat vs. Cat! This little comic illustrates a bit more than a hissy fit, to say the least. Claws extended and teeth ready to shred, how will the Black Panther overcome this feline adversary!?





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When do WE get to see this?! Still having trouble why Australia gets to enjoy this NOW and we here in the U.S. aren't getting any information.