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Animated Exclusive

Animated Exclusive: Iron Man & War Machine

See exclusive art featuring Iron Man, War Machine, Blizzard and the Makluan Ring from ''Iron Man: Armored Adventures''!

Can't wait for the next episode of your favorite Marvel Animated Series? Fear not, True Believers, because Marvel.com is here to alleviate your animation addiction with never before seen content from Wolverine and the X-Men, Iron Man: Armored Adventures and The Super Hero Squad Show!

Tune in to Marvel.com every day for brand new EXCLUSIVE screenshots, concept art, storyboards, style guides and more!


Witness Iron Man's journey into adulthood in the animated series "Iron Man: Armored Adventures". Follow Tony as he juggles homework, dating, hanging out with friends and saving the world!

Check out some exclusive concept art featuring Iron Man, War Machine, Blizzard and the Makluan Ring from ''Iron Man: Armored Adventures''!:



The test for the 4th Makluan Ring was no day at the park for Tony Stark and his friends. When Stark’s friends get possessed by the Firebrand, the quest for the ring takes a turn for the worst! How will Iron Man save the day? Find out in "Iron Man: Armored Adventures" episode 20 “World on Fire!”





FREEZE! When Blizzard discovers that Iron Man and he have the same enemy in Obadiah Stane, they join forces to prove vengeance is in fact a dish best served cold. Watch their epic showdown and catch a glimpse of Iron Man’s new arctic armor in "Iron Man: Armored Adventures" episode 24 “Best Served Cold.”





Enter War Machine! Caught between The Mandarin and Fin Fang Foom, Iron Man is briefly put out of commission. Thankfully, James Rhodes was able to step up and put on his own armor in time to save the day!





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