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Animated Exclusive

Animated Exclusive: Cap, Fury, Reptil & Thanos

Check out exclusive concept art featuring Captain America, Nick Fury, Reptil and Thanos from "The Super Hero Squad Show"!

Can't wait for the next episode of your favorite Marvel Animated Series? Fear not, True Believers, because Marvel.com is here to alleviate your animation addiction with never before seen content from Wolverine and the X-Men, Iron Man: Armored Adventures, Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes and The Super Hero Squad Show!

Tune in to Marvel.com every day for brand new EXCLUSIVE screenshots, concept art, storyboards, style guides and more!


Now that ''The Super Hero Squad Show'' has finished its first season with a bang, Marvel.com will deliver all the Super Hero Squad exclusives you need to keep your animation hunger at bay. We'll feature awesome artwork to give you a behind the scenes look at all the awesomeness you know as ''The Super Hero Squad Show!''

Plus, you can purchase all 26 episodes of the "The Super Hero Squad Show" on iTunesicon now!

Check out these exclusive concept shots featuring  Captain America, Nick Fury, Reptil and Thanos from ''The Super Hero Squad Show''!



With his galactic persona and unspeakable power, Thanos stands as a frightening foe on his own. However, when he makes an alliance with Doctor Doom, things get even crazier! Will the Super Hero Squad fend off this dual set of bad guys? Find out in "The Super Hero Squad Show" episode “If This Be My Thanos!”





A true American team-up! Captain America and Nick Fury swoop in to fight the dastardly Red Skull and his nasty army of minions!







Before Reptil became the boy sidekick we see in "The Super Hero Squad Show", he went through a series of more teenage looking designs. This piece of concept art is an exact illustration of that more adolescent Reptil in his dinosaur form. Where does Reptil draw his power from?




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