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Marvel Super Hero Squad

Countdown to SHS on DVD! Day 2

The countdown to The Super Hero Squad Show: Quest for the Infinity Sword! Vol. 1, arriving July 13 continues!


Marvel.com continues the countdown to the release of The Super Hero Squad Show: Quest For The Infinity Sword!  Volume 1 DVD on July 13, 2010.  Each day until the DVD hits stores, Marvel.com will feature some super special bonus Squaddie content you won't want to miss! Today, we catch up with the voice of the Hulk himself, Travis Willingham.

After taking a break from the chaos of Super Hero City, Travis Willingham, the voice of the squaddies friendly yet destructive Hulk, took a moment to share his experience of being a part of a voice cast known for its insane hijinks and exceptional talent. Read on to find out what a fantastic character Mr. Willingham truly is.


Marvel.com: How was working on "The Super Hero Squad Show" different from your previous works?
Travis Willingham: It was my first opportunity to do a group recording session with other actors together in the same room. My previous experience has been mostly solo sessions. So not only having another actor in the same room, but sometimes as many as ten, was a very new experience. Especially when I had to "Hulk out" at the top of my lungs.
Marvel.com: What was your reaction when you first found out that you got the honorable voice role of Hulk?
Travis Willingham: The director Jamie Simone actually told me face-to-face at the studio. My reaction was very close to that of Tom Cruise's on "Oprah." I'm pretty sure I jumped on the nearest sofa and bear-hugged poor Jamie. My brother was also in town and with me at that particular moment, so there were two very large Willinghams bouncing around and howling. Jamie must've been either terrified or extremely amused.

Marvel.com: How did you prepare yourself to fit Hulk’s character?
Travis Willingham: Honestly, I just tried to look at each new episode with the simplest thoughts I could. The big greenie isn't always the sharpest tool in the shed, and his simple energy and excitability really made him a positive character to play. I can sometimes also be one of the larger “tools” in the shed, so I'm sure those who know me best would say it comes rather naturally.

Marvel.com: The environment inside the casting room closely resembles the overall personality of the show. What was it like auditioning for "The Super Hero Squad Show?"
Travis Willingham: Very exciting. The image of the Hulk in my mind has always been a strong, powerful being whose rage and fury fuels his limitless strength. So when I was asked to portray the Hulk telling Falcon a bad joke, tickling him, and then stubbing his toe as he walked down the hallway in one of the casting sessions ...well, needless to say, that was very new, and a lot of fun.

Marvel.com: Now that you are fully part of the show's cast family, well into Season Two recording, what can you say about working with all the hilarious talent?
Travis Willingham: Our recording sessions are one of the things I look forward to the most in my week. I'm sure any of our other cast would agree, but our morning recording sessions are so crazy and out of control - it's like trying to describe the inside of an insane asylum, whose patients are hopped-up on massive amounts of caffeine. Grown men and women doing silly voices and coming up with some of the most hilarious material I've ever heard. Between Charlie Adler's outbursts, Dave Boat's hilarious ad-libs and Tom Kenny's brilliant additions, it's hard to keep from laughing out loud and ruining the takes.
Marvel.com: Any stand out moments from the Season One recording of the show?

Travis Willingham: I particularly enjoyed my shouting match with the Helicarrier phone in Season One. "Phone loud. But Hulk louder. HULK LOUDEST THERE IS! RIIINNGG!!!"
Marvel.com: Hulk is a more unique character than the rest of the Squaddies, how difficult was it to convey the character’s strong, yet subtle personality?
Travis Willingham: Subtle? The Hulk - subtle?! The Hulk doesn’t know how to do anything subtle. He goes for some orange juice and ends up busting a refrigerator-sized hole through Wolverine's bedroom, smashing Thor's massage chair and destroying Ms. Marvel's newly waxed flooring.
Marvel.com: What were some of the challenges of playing Hulk?

Travis Willingham: Certainly the yelling/smashing. Although I can say it's quite the stress reliever to be able to walk into a recording session and get paid to punch the air, yell and rage for hours.

Marvel.com: How does is feel to know that your character will be featured on every Super Hero Squad Show DVD?
Travis Willingham: "Hulk Smash!"
Marvel.com: Looking back on the first season, are there any aspects about being Hulk that you didn’t expect?
Travis Willingham: Hulk’s operatic ability to sing in the shower. Although, I suppose I should have seen that coming. It'll be interesting to see what other hidden talents the Hulk comes to reveal.
Marvel.com: Any particular episodes that really stick out as your personal favorites?
Travis Willingham: I also play the Human Torch. So anytime they were in a scene together, I really enjoyed it. In one of the last episodes of the season, the Hulk and Torch are walking through a hallway on a mission from Iron Man and Mr. Fantastic, and Hulk comments, "Hulk don't understand." To which Torch replies, "Hmph, that's a first." To steal a quote from Thor, "Haha! Levity!"
Marvel.com: What would you like to tell every Squad fan who will be out on July 13 to pick up a DVD of the show?

Travis Willingham: "Buy DVD for you, friends and kitty. Then turn up loud. HULK SMASH BETTER WHEN LOUDER!"


The Super Hero Squad Show: Quest For The Infinity Sword!  Volume 1 DVD, features the first seven episodes from the first season of this popular action-packed animated series and special bonus features including a new interview with Stan Lee, music video and trailers.  A must-have for heroes of all ages!


The Super Hero Squad Show: Quest For The Infinity Sword!  Volume 1 DVD contains seven exciting episodes including:
•    “And Lo…A Pilot Shall Come!”
•    “This Silver, This Surfer!”
•    “Hulk Talk Smack!”
•    “To Err Is Superhuman!”
•    “Enter: Dormammu!”
•    “A Brat Walks Among Us!"
•    “Oh Brother!"


•    A new interview with Stan “The Man” Lee
•    Music Video
•    "The Super Hero Squad Show" Trailer
•    "The Super Hero Squad Show" Online Trailer
•    THQ's SHSS: The Infinity Gauntlet Game Trailer


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