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Marvel Super Hero Squad

The Super Hero Squad Show: Voicing the Scarlet Witch

Voice actor Tara Strong talks about bringing the Scarlet Witch to animated life on 'The Super Hero Squad Show!'

The Squaddies Hero Up once more when Season 2 of "The Super Hero Squad Show" begins Saturday, October 23 at 6:30am EST! This season the team will have to stop Thanos from wreaking havoc across the cosmos, with a bevy of special celebrity guest stars voicing some of Marvel's most famous and infamous characters! Every day leading up to the premiere you can find new art, videos and interviews with the cast on Marvel.com, giving you a peek at what the new season will bring. Hero Up Saturday, October 23 with the second season premiere of "The Super Hero Squad Show!"


By Kat Jones & Marc Strom

No stranger to animation, Tara Strong has voiced hundreds of episodes of animated television.

Last year fans heard her vocal talents in the first season of "The Super Hero Squad" as she gave life to the magical Scarlet Witch. Now, as the show returns for its second season, fans will hear a lot more of Strong's work as the Scarlet Witch becomes a full-time member of the Squad.

Not content to play just one role, however, Strong will also voice H.E.R.B.I.E., the Invisible Woman and even more characters we can't tell you about just yet. So while you wait for the show's premiere on Saturday, October 23, we spoke with Strong about her work on the series and just what you can expect from Season 2 of "The Super Hero Squad Show!"


Marvel.com: We only got to see the Scarlet Witch a few times last season. Word on the street is that we get to see the lovely Scarlet much more during Season 2. How was the transition?

Tara Strong: Scarlet has become part of the team! She's learning who she really is, deep down. It's been a nice character arc for her and fun for me to explore.

Character art for the Scarlet Witch from "The Super Hero Squad Show"

Marvel.com: What is it like being a major part of the team for Season 2?

Tara Stron: It's really fun to have a sense of belonging, not just in the cartoon but [in] real life.

Marvel.com: How has working on "The Super Hero Squad Show" been different from your previous works?

Tara Strong: Every show is different and special in its own way. This cast is fun 'cause it's all boys and me. Including Stan Lee!

Marvel.com: What prepared you for your role as Scarlet Witch?

Tara Strong: I've been doing voiceover [acting] since I was 13; I'd say the years of practice help me slide right in.

Marvel.com: What is it like playing a character whose whole family has super powers?

Tara Strong: I've definitely done that before. Fun!

Marvel.com: Are you going to be voicing any other characters in Season 2?

Tara Strong: Yes...I mean H.E.R.B.I.E. is always there. [I'll also voice] Invisible woman and some other treats...

Marvel.com: Without giving away too much, what are some great things we'll see in Season 2 that we didn't see in Season 1?

Tara Strong: I think the adventures are even bigger and there are some pretty fascinating storylines.

Marvel.com: Are there any moments in particular that stand out for you in recording Season 2?

Tara Strong: Stan Lee.

Marvel.com: There were a lot of great celebrity guest voices for Season 2. Who were some that stood out during your recordings?

Tara Strong: Stan Lee.

Marvel.com: Is there anything you want to tell fans who will be tuning in to Cartoon Network to watch the show?

Tara Strong: Glad you all like us! We sure have fun doing it and appreciate all our fans!

Stay tuned to Marvel.com for even more on "The Super Hero Squad Show" as we build up to its premiere on Cartoon Network Saturday, October 23 at 6:30am EST!


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