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Marvel Super Hero Squad

The SHS Show: Voicing Wolverine

Steve Blum, the voice of Wolverine and the Abomination from 'The Super Hero Squad Show,' talks about the series

The Squaddies Hero Up once more when Season 2 of "The Super Hero Squad Show" begins Saturday, October 23 at 6:30 a.m. ET! This season the team will have to stop Thanos from wreaking havoc across the cosmos, with a bevy of special celebrity guest stars voicing some of Marvel's most famous and infamous characters! Every day leading up to the premiere you can find new art, videos and interviews with the cast on Marvel.com, giving you a peek at what the new season will bring. Hero Up Saturday, October 23 with the second season premiere of "The Super Hero Squad Show!"


By Kat Jones & Marc Strom

Steve Blum just can't get enough Wolverine.

The actor has lent his voice to the Canucklehead several times, including in "Wolverine and the X-Men," "Hulk Vs." and the first season of "The Super Hero Squad Show." Now he returns to Super Hero City with the show's second season beginning October 23, but before all the slicing resumes, he took a few moments to talk with Marvel.com about his experiences voicing Wolverine in "The Super Hero Squad Show" and more!


Marvel.com: As "The Super Hero Squad Show" is nearing its second season, what has it been like working with this hilarious cast for 52 episodes?

Wolverine mid-kick
Steve Blum: Hilarious would be the operating word! Our recording sessions have been fall-outta-your-pants funny. [I work with] some of the funniest humans I've ever met. We've kinda become a family now--I think it's the only cast I've ever worked with where we [all] actually keep in touch with one another. One of us will shoot out a goofy group e-mail, and it starts a week-long barrage of ridiculous digital dirt-slinging and cyber-silliness.  I can't stand not seeing the Squaddies every week!

Marvel.com: You've played Wolverine in a number of other Marvel shows. How was it playing the Super Hero Squad version of the character?

Steve Blum: Pretty darn different, bub. Same grouchy attitude, 70% less violence. A lot easier on the throat. The ol' Canucklehead is really fun to play, but sometimes it just plain hurts! I don't heal quite as fast as he does. After "Wolverine and the X-Men," it's kinda nice not having to be the guy in charge. Oh yeah, and I actually get to say "Snikt!"  How fun is that?

Marvel.com: What are some of the challenges of playing Wolverine, the guy in the group who most of the time would rather fly solo then be a team player?

Wolverine: reluctant flier
Steve Blum: Yeah, being nice is definitely not one of his mutant powers. He seems to be getting used to it, though. Challenges?  Well picking the nose has to be done very carefully. I could snikt an eye out if I'm not careful! 

Marvel.com: What can we expect from Wolverine in Season 2?

Steve Blum: A crabby attitude, a smart mouth and some not-too-smart behavior. Same as always.

Oh yeah, and some pretty cool mutant moves. He's still Wolverine.

Marvel.com: You also voice a number of other characters in the show including Abomination; what can we expect from those characters in Season 2?

Steve Blum: Abomination doesn't get any more intelligent, but he does get funnier. He may be my  favorite character to play in this show, especially when he and the Hulk get together. A true battle of (nit)wits! I also play a lot of the monsters, including Fin Fang Foom. Not a lot of dialogue, but the roaring, snarling and spitting is kind of therapeutic.

Wolverine and Iron Man speak with the Mayor of Super Hero City
Marvel.com: Without giving away too much, what are some great things we'll see in Season 2 that we didn't see in Season 1?

Steve Blum: The animation was good before, but it's great now! I think Thanos may drop in for an extended stay, and we all seem to have a hard time keeping the Squad together. Lots of super fun guest stars too!

Marvel.com: Are there any moments in particular that stand out for you in recording sessions during Season 2?

Steve Blum: Pretty much any time Stan Lee joins us in the booth. Our love and respect for him is beyond huge. When he gets up to the mic, he becomes a kid again.  So funny, so smart , really loves what he does. He inspires all of us in so many ways. My first job at 12 years old was to sort comics in my uncle's book store. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine working side by side with the creator of so many of the world's greatest heroes and villains. Did I mention I love Stan?

The Abomination frightened
Marvel.com: There were a lot of great celebrity guest voices for Season 2. Who were some that stood out during your recordings?

Steve Blum: Wow, so many. Unfortunately, we didn't always record at the same time.  Would've loved to have been there to work with Adam West, George Takei and Jane Lynch, but I did get to meet and work with Wayne Knight, Michael Dorn, Kevin Sorbo and Levar Burton. [It was] awesome. And I love Mark Hamill and Jess Harnell. Those guys are just plain amazing.

Marvel.com: Is there anything you want to tell fans who will be tuning in on October 23 to Cartoon Network to watch the show?

Steve Blum: Hey Bubs and Bubbettes, 

Thanks for hangin' out in  Super Hero City--a lovely place to live, work and shop! You're in for a seriously Squadilicious pile of chuckling this season. Tell a friend. Tell a hundred friends! Plenty of room on the Helicarrier for everyone.

Love and Snikt,


Stay tuned to Marvel.com for even more on "The Super Hero Squad Show" as we build up to its premiere on Cartoon Network Saturday, October 23 at 6:30 a.m. ET!


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